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Automotive Industry

From manufacturing to the dealership, automotive knowledge management is a service driver in the automotive industry. Lighthouse transforms the way employees find information about different parts, models of vehicles, and processes for specific maintenance issues.

Train employees to be the best
Training and onboarding new employees can be quick, as all vehicle information is available with a simple search. Lighthouse also enables employees to learn about new regulations and standards quickly with broadcast pop-ups on their screens. With Lighthouse tools, you can even script the language of your employees.

Provide customer service like no other firm in your industry
Buying a new car or taking it in to be repaired can be a stressful time for any car owner. In order to give the best service, Lighthouse provides automotive companies all the necessary tools to answer questions in seconds. This results in fewer calls, shorter interaction times, lower operating costs, and higher customer retention.

Enhance the path to purchase
With Lighthouse, customers’ purchase decisions are easier than ever. Now car companies can select the best products and provide their customers the ability to compare models quickly, focusing on the aspects most important to them. Their questions about any car part, make, model and more can be answered in just seconds.

How Lighthouse knowledge management system can help?
Shorten the path to purchase
Enable employees to quickly learn about new parts or processes
Compare parts, cars, or related products for the best offer enterprise wide
Add layers of value by providing consistent, accurate knowledge
No coding or training necessary

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