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Banking Industry

Are you challenged by today’s banking world with tighter margins, higher competition, and faster technologies raising customer expectations? In banking, we profit on knowledge and speed. Without reliable, timely service, customers switch banks or investment institutions.

Satisfy customers with fast, accurate service
When the customer calls, emails, or visits the web, the service or sales representative has to respond—consistently, correctly, and quickly. Financial services knowledge management supports faster service and speedy, error-free answers to pace in global financial markets.

Provide consistent, precise answers
With Lighthouse, the corporate office ensures that any bank customer receives a consistent answer – no matter which branch location, online communications, or contact center he reaches.

  • With a bank knowledge management system, there’s a unification of service messaging across digital, phone, website, virtual assistants, and more.
  • Lighthouse allows your business to manage its “hard” and “soft” knowledge together in one place – in your in-house, branded business virtual encyclopedia.

Recognized by industry leaders such as Gartner and KMWorld, Lighthouse is the banking knowledge management system that global banks trust.

Use Case on Banking

Discover how Lighthouse helps finance organization improve customer experience
How Lighthouse knowledge management system for banking can help?
Increase overall satisfaction for both agent and customer experiences
Ensure bank customers receive consistent information at every branch
Improve management reporting with feedback, structure, and analytic dashboard
Update regulatory or financial data throughout the system in seconds
Provide user-friendly self-service comparison tools to satisfy users with the best rates, products, or other options

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