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Government seeks to make information accessible to citizens but sometimes in reality, citizens receive inaccurate or out of date data.

Train the next wave of government workers
Additionally, there is a new change of staff with each election – municipal to federal, and masses of people need training and access to regulatory details in order to have continuity in government services.

Create efficiency in government services
Different departments, agencies, and even branches of government are often working in silos without collaboration, so they may refer to outdated info or lack key data. That’s where KMS comes in:

  • Shortening training times
  • Creating, capturing, maintaining, and sharing organizational knowledge
  • Promoting learning and collaboration

Knowledge management provides fast, easy training and communication with various departments to prepare for the new model of working and tracking measurable changes within any government organization.

Government agencies use KMS Lighthouse when sharing and managing documents, coordinating multi-agency projects and working with external partners.

How Lighthouse knowledge management system for government can help?
Maintain up-to-date, compliant source of information
Help ensure regulations are met and understood
Allow public employees to access data from wherever they're located
Enable quick, easy responses to large populations
Offer self-service info that's user-friendly and efficient

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