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Healthcare Industry

How do health providers prioritize top-quality patient services while dealing with internal budget cuts and external pressures from competition, insurance, and government compliance? Medical facilities and healthcare organizations use healthcare knowledge management systems to balance patient services with operational efficiency.

Improve patient services

Deliver timely, relevant patient information, and enable employees’ decision-making in the 24/7, team-based health care delivery path.

  • A patented technology, GetAnswer allows users to ask and receive precise answers.
  • An email or chat with a patient can quickly be escalated automatically to a call.

A knowledge management system in healthcare supports functions necessary to service the patient as well as tools to execute proactive communications and transform services.

Boost operational efficiency
With Lighthouse, hospital call agents with access to reliable, up-to-date information have shorter calls. It cuts time searching and curtails wait times for patients. Better engage:

  • Maintain up-to-date compliance forms and procedures across the organization
  • Support employees to provide better service via secure internal chat and content sharing
  • Reduce overall operating costs

Lighthouse improves operational efficiencies across customer service operations—frontline and back office—with consistent customer experiences. It also gives management easy oversight with a branded dashboard, feedback, and reporting measures.

Use Case on Healthcare

Discover how Lighthouse helps healthcare organization improve customer experience
How Lighthouse knowledge management system for healthcare can help?
Cut error rates in lives-at-stake circumstances
Standardize documents like HIPAA forms and simplifies processes
Track and improve internal processes
Increase internal efficiencies and innovation via shared knowledge
Promote operational excellence

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