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Logistics Industry

Today’s customers have high expectations and demands from logistics and shipping businesses—faster service, greater information, and more control. KMS Lighthouse recognizes that a main differentiator in the logistics industry is the level of customer service.

Satisfy end-to-end knowledge requests
Logistics companies need to bring their A game to deliver exact information across a range of service areas, including rate changes: for example local charges or seasonal peak surcharges, e-fulfillment and special orders, warehousing, shipping, and e-Commerce.

Add value to the digital customer experience
Agent call centers receive fewer calls and shorter call times when there’s significant information readily available to the customers. In a self-service approach, a customer can:

  • Use AskDon’tSearch in a lightning-fast inquiry on digital channels to find out about delivery or shipment.
  • Chat or read on the website about logistics details and requirements.

Logistics knowledge management tools increase business flexibility, improve quality of service, and leverage economies of scale and cost benefits.

How Lighthouse knowledge management system for logistics can help?
Increase first call resolutions
Cut average call times
Decrease average agent training time
Reduces call duration
Reduces overall operational costs

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