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Retail Industry

Most shoppers begin their journey on a website, even before they enter a store. In addition, customers are also researching price comparisons, product reviews, and details while shopping in-store. If the data is not there or difficult to find, the customer moves on, continues browsing, or exits the physical retail location.

Beat the competition with better service
Are you needlessly losing customers because your service is lower than your competitors? Prevent customers from dissatisfaction or switching brands by upgrading service with knowledge. Enable more prompt, accurate responses to inquiries from prospects across all communication channels.

AI, algorithms, and automated services help make sales
What if retailers and e-commerce businesses had a centralized knowledge source to help them achieve higher profits? Lighthouse fulfills this need in several ways, for instance by:

  • Simplifying end-to-end data and communications, and
  • Unifying all communications to achieve business goals.

Comparison tools offer smart shopping
Retail and e-commerce knowledge management even offer opportunities to connect with customers in special ways via:

  • Self-service approach to data
  • Comparison tools where shoppers can compare products before buying.

The main idea is that both agents and customers ask questions and get the answers. When the customer knows the answer, it helps them make a buying decision faster.

How Lighthouse knowledge management system for retail can help?
Increase sales conversion rates
Shorten training times
Enables fast customer responsiveness
Provide a competitive advantage
Empower users with effective communications and reporting tools
Offer easy comparison shopping

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