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Telecom Industry

Telco now means faster and faster technologies – think 5G, smart cities, and IoT, plus major companies’ consolidations and collaborations on the horizon. Telecom companies risk losing customers to another service unless they can respond on the spot with the best options in pricing, product, and comparison information.

Improve every business interaction
Lighthouse provides a knowledge management solution (KMS) that improves every interaction, supporting the best service experiences—by both agents and customers—who leverage the system’s intelligent tools to:

  • Streamline back office processes,
  • Deliver better, faster service, and
  • Prevent customers from switching brands.

Increase First Time Fixes
A cable technician can go into a person’s residence and use a tablet with Lighthouse on it for on-the-job support. Or he can call an agent at the corporate headquarters with access to the same knowledge base to achieve the solution quickly.

Achieve customer satisfaction and service innovation
Agents and users complete services faster and more accurately guided by templates, how to’s, and user-friendly tools. They attain reliable, precise data from the KMS and achieve greater innovation by capturing intelligence from customer engagement and leveraging it with the system tools.

How Lighthouse knowledge management system for telecoms can help?
Reduce human errors with access to the right information 24/7
Shorten call times with knowledge accessible within a few seconds
Simplify answers to complex processes guided by step-by-step templates
Easy and quick implementation
No training or coding needed​

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