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Healthcare Errors Can Be Fatal!

Strong knowledge solutions can make the difference between life and death in healthcare.

Having a centralized repository of information that is up-to-date and accessible 24/7 to doctors, nurses, call center agents—and ANYONE who needs real-time information— is crucial in avoiding errors.

Ask And Receive Precise Answers in Real-Time

Your call center agents need access to data and information at their fingertips in order to provide the most up-to-date and timely answers for patients requesting it.

Our GetAnswers feature uses machine learning technology that allows agents to simply type an inquiry into a search bar to get the most relevant and accurate information they need.

This reduces frustrating waiting and hold times and improves the overall patient experience.

Easily Integrated With Your Existing Tools

Our software was designed to easily integrate with tools you’re already using.

With our integrations, you’re able to easily drop the knowledge base via a widget inside one your existing third-party applications, in order to access the knowledge when you need it.

Cutting Training Time in Half

Lighthouse’ intuitive and simple-to-use platform allows you to quickly onboard all employees and agents and can reduce training times by up to 50%.

This can save time and money that can be spent on other initiatives in your organization.

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