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KMS Lighthouse Explained in a Nutshell

Watch this video to learn what KMS Lighthouse is all about and how we help companies with our advanced Knowledge Management system. Customer experience is all about the right answers at the right time. Illuminate the path with knowledge management. Answer any query, anytime, on any interface.

KMS Lighthouse for Employee Experience

With KMS Lighthouse, enable better business decisions, provide answers by topic, business category, or service action for a smarter, savvier workforce. KMS Lighthouse next-generation knowledge management system.

All your KMS Lighthouse knowledge on Salesforce CRM

Knowledge management for a smarter workforce, fast collaboration & informed decisions

KMS Lighthouse for Financial Institutions

Poor customer experience costs financial institutions $10 billion per year. One in three financial institutions have lost customers due to inefficient or slow onboarding. Banks face complexity in presenting customers with the same accurate information across all channels – at the branch, on the phone, via the website, chat, virtual assistants, and more. KMS Lighthouse presents a next-generation knowledge management solution for financial institutions. Whether at the branch, on the phone, web, or supporting bankers on tablets, KMS Lighthouse feeds banking reps and customers alike with the right information for financial decisions.

GE Healthcare: A KMS Lighthouse Success Story

When it comes to healthcare, you want to “do better for customers and do better for patients.” KMS Lighthouse presents a next-generation knowledge management solution for healthcare organizations. KMS Lighthouse gives patients instant answers to their medical issue enhancing every patient-agent interaction and cutting agent training time in half.

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