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Reduce Error Rate by up to 70%

Improve first-interaction resolution by intelligently directing agents to the right  answer, allowing you to significantly reduce call center operational costs.

Cut Agent Training Time in Half

Lighthouse’s intuitive and simple-to-use platform allows you to quickly onboard all employees and agents while reducing onboarding training by up to 50%.

There is a smarter way to do your best

Using cutting-edge machine learning technology, provide instant and accurate responses to agents and customers, eliminating the frustrating search for information and hold times.


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Highly recommended. With KMS Lighthouse we feel that we have a real partner for every request or need. We know that we are using the best technology and we hear our users’ satisfaction. [It’s] user friendly. Very intuitive to both users and admins.

Inbal Y.

Knowledge Manager

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Overall, amazing. We’ve now got a solid foundation of information that will propel us into the future enablement of other self serve tools and features. Even better that KMS will be right there with us, helping plan and support our future growth. Not only is the system just amazing on it’s own but the personal partnership we’ve developed with the KMS team is priceless.

Stacy M.

Automation Solutions Manager

Industry: Insurance

What I like the most using this software is the UX/UI. It’s easy to use both as an editor and as a front user. Highly recommended and not only for the software also for the great team. Great service. Fast SLA. Professional and Friendly.

Meny L.

Knowledge Manager

Industry: Government Administration

Next Generation Knowledge Management

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Trusted by the world's most successful companies
The true success of our Lighthouse implementation is not about agents reaching AHT goals more quickly or lower error rate numbers announced on a bulletin …
Burg Hughes | Senior Manager, Call Center Operations
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After examining several different knowledge solutions, we decided to work with KMS Lighthouse. The Lighthouse team is extremely committed to delivering services at the highest …
Voicu Zavadschi | Mass Market Customer Care Project Manager, Orange
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KMS lighthouse has dramatically reduced our call center operational costs and agents’ training time.
Balachander Swaminathan | Program Manager, DHL
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KMS Lighthouse has significantly helped improve the agent experience, which ultimately improves the customer experience.
Michael De La Cruz | Head of Customer communication, Globe
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In order to remain the leading service provider in the field of insurance in Israel, we needed to shorten the duration of the calls in …
Shir Danenberg | Project Manager, AIG
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Blog Knowledge Creation and Management With LLMs
November 19, 2023
Knowledge creation is often the heart of an organization’s competitive advantage, covering the development and production of new concepts, methods, products, services, and ideas. However, managing all that data can be cumbersome, error-prone, and inefficient.
Blog ChatGPT/AI in Customer Service
October 24, 2023
Older generations will likely remember how human operators manually connected phone calls by plugging and unplugging cords into a switchboard. It was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process with many limitations, including the ability to handle large volumes of calls efficiently. While the equipment is now mostly seen in museums and antique shops, it was an important precursor to automated communications systems that routed calls to the correct people or departments without manual intervention.
October 16, 2023
AI and enterprise knowledge management (KM) integration is ushering in a groundbreaking era, revolutionizing how businesses operate across industries. For most, the potential applications seem boundless, with the technology offering a game-changing opportunity to enhance customer engagement, improve the user experience, and streamline operations.
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