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Improve your team’s productivity

Reduce search times with access to one source of relevant, accurate knowledge.

Improve customer satisfaction by 150%

Deliver fast, up-to-date answers your customers will love.

Work smarter with AI capabilities

Streamline routine tasks like data entry and content updates – freeing up employees for more complex tasks.

We know that we are using the best technology and we hear our users’ satisfaction.

Inbal Y.

Knowledge Manager

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Not only is the system just amazing on it’s own but the personal partnership we’ve developed with the KMS team is priceless.

Stacy M.

Automation Solutions Manager

Industry: Insurance

It’s easy to use both as an editor and as a front user. Highly recommended and not only for the software also for the great team.

Meny L.

Knowledge Manager

Industry: Government Administration

Accessible, Consistent Knowledge
At Everyone's Fingertips

Give your team consistent, up-to-date information across your organization
with AI-integrated knowledge — reducing wasted time searching and
eliminating information silos.

See why the world's top companies trust KMS Lighthouse
The true success of our Lighthouse implementation is not about agents reaching AHT goals more quickly or lower error rate numbers announced on a bulletin …
Burg Hughes | Senior Manager, Call Center Operations
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After examining several different knowledge solutions, we decided to work with KMS Lighthouse. The Lighthouse team is extremely committed to delivering services at the highest …
Voicu Zavadschi | Mass Market Customer Care Project Manager, Orange
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KMS lighthouse has dramatically reduced our call center operational costs and agents’ training time.
Balachander Swaminathan | Program Manager, DHL
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KMS Lighthouse has significantly helped improve the agent experience, which ultimately improves the customer experience.
Michael De La Cruz | Head of Customer communication, Globe
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In order to remain the leading service provider in the field of insurance in Israel, we needed to shorten the duration of the calls in …
Shir Danenberg | Project Manager, AIG
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April 21, 2024
The way we work is constantly evolving. That means how we define a “better employee experience” continually changes, too. Since IT leaders have a significant role in improving employee experiences, they are uniquely equipped to understand and implement technological advancements that can help drive these changes. Their knowledge and expertise in integrating AI into various business systems make them ideally equipped to respond to current employee needs while anticipating future trends and challenges.
March 17, 2024
Most discussions about AI being a game-changer for customer service tend to focus on how the technology will replace human support agents. However, AI for customer service isn’t necessarily a gloom and doom situation. In fact, many experts say that while AI is changing the role of customer service agents, it will likely create more jobs in the long term. In other words, while AI in customer support could eventually eliminate some jobs, it’s also a critical tool that can take over tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing agents to focus on more complex and emotionally nuanced interactions that rely on human empathy and understanding.
March 10, 2024
Today, we barely give a second thought to how easy it is to create customized playlists. Instead of flipping through stacks of vinyl or CDs picking out songs one by one, a personal DJ who understands our vibe—sometimes better than we do—builds digital mixtapes that take us back to the good old days or introduces us to artists we didn’t know existed.
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