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Azure OpenAI Integration

Elevate your knowledge management to new heights with our Azure OpenAI integration

Integrating Azure OpenAI’s enhanced AI features into KMS Lighthouse’s system provides an efficient, personalized, and comprehensive customer experience. Improve the authoring experience by generating auto-responses or suggesting relevant articles, resources, or solutions – ​​empowering customers to find answers to their questions or resolve issues on their own.

Salesforce integration

Empower your Salesforce journey with KMS Lighthouse’s knowledge synergy

Enhance your Salesforce experience by seamlessly integrating KMS Lighthouse. Elevate your team’s productivity with instant access to critical knowledge within the Salesforce platform. 
Effortlessly bridge the gap between customer relationship management and knowledge management, ensuring a smoother workflow and better-informed decisions.

Genesys integration

Optimize customer interactions with the Genesys integration by KMS Lighthouse

Supercharge your customer engagement strategy by integrating KMS Lighthouse with Genesys. Elevate agent performance with quick access to relevant knowledge during customer interactions.
Efficiently resolve queries, provide accurate information, and deliver a superior customer experience by integrating knowledge seamlessly into the Genesys platform.

Zendesk integration

Bridge KM and customer support with our Zendesk integration

Integrating KMS Lighthouse with Zendesk brings seamless knowledge management capabilities to the customer support experience. With KMS Lighthouse, critical knowledge is easily shared without having to leave the Zendesk platform. Quickly address key knowledge gaps while delivering more efficient and effective customer support.

Freshworks integration

Integrate powerful knowledge across Freshwork’s suite of customer engagement and support solutions
Improve overall customer satisfaction using KMS Lighthouse’s robust knowledge management solutions within Freshworks. Allow users to search for relevant articles, FAQs, and resources alongside customer data and other records within the Freshworks environment.

Dynamics 365 integration

Streamline knowledge access in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with KMS Lighthouse’s knowledge capabilities
The native KMS Lighthouse integration to Dynamics 365 enables users to access knowledge content from the context of Cases or Opportunities. By eliminating the need to switch between different applications or platforms, users save valuable time and streamline their workflow.

Microsoft Teams integration

Enhance collaboration in Microsoft Teams with our integrated knowledge solutions
The KMS Lighthouse integration for Microsoft Teams lets employees search and access relevant knowledge snippets and decision trees directly within Teams. Avoid wasting valuable time spent searching for information and reduce the potential for errors when accessing critical knowledge.

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