KMS Lighthouse University

KMS Lighthouse University offers a wide range of advanced managerial & technical workshops especially designed for anyone working in the knowledge management field.

The certifications are hosted by our leading experts who have extensive experience in successfully implementing knowledge management systems in SMBs and Enterprises.

Recognized Innovation Leader

This recognition is awarded to you with great appreciation for the technological and innovative impact you are leading in your organization.

KMS Lighthouse is proud to take a place in the category of your innovative products and to be a part of the technological revolution you are leading.

Audience: Everybody

**Doesn’t require previous certifications

Recognized CX Leader

This recognition is awarded to you with great appreciation for your extensive and influential activities in the field of Customer Experience.

KMS Lighthouse is proud to take part and to be a partner in the revolution you are leading in your organization, to promote the service quality to a new global standard.

Audience: Everybody

**Doesn’t require previous certifications

LHKM – Lighthouse Certified Knowledge Manager

Our flagship certification aiming for Organizational Knowledge Managers who would like to learn our KM Methodologies, Tips & Best Practices.

Audience: Everybody

**Doesn’t require previous certifications

LHCTP – Lighthouse Certified Training Partner

This certification is intended to provide the appropriate tools for our partners in order to be able implementing Lighthouse Knowledge Management System.

Audience: Partners

Requires previous certification: LHF, LHCM, LHCA, LHKM

LHAE – Lighthouse Integrations Expert

Lighthouse Integration Expert will learn the technical requirements and prerequisites for 3rd parties integrations with KMS Lighthouse.

Audience: KMS Lighthouse Clients & Partners (IT Professionals)

Requires previous certification: LHF

LHCA – Lighthouse Certified Administrator

Lighthouse Certified Administrator will hold an expertise in managing, deploying and configuring Lighthouse advanced system components as Authorizations, system templates, Layouts and many more.

Audience: KMS Lighthouse Clients & Partners

Requires previous certification: LHF, LHCM

LHCM – Lighthouse Certified Content Manager

Essential certification for organizational content managers who manage daily operations of Lighthouse Knowledge Managements System.

Audience: KMS Lighthouse Clients & Partners

Requires previous certification: LHF

LHF – Lighthouse Fundamentals

Learning KMS Lighthouse basic functionality within the end user interface

Audience: KMS Lighthouse Clients & Partners

**Doesn’t require previous certifications

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