Determine Your Knowledge Management ROI

Lighthouse does more than save money, training time and effort for organizations – it improves customer experience, creates a smarter workforce and promotes collaboration and informed decisions for call center reps, organizational employees and customers alike.

Improve Customer & Employee Experience with Lighthouse

The below calculator helps you determine savings and ROI for your organization:

Number of Full Time Employees
(not including call center agents)


Average Employee Salary Per Year
(not including call center agents)


Number of Full Time Call Center Agents


Average Call Center Agent Salary
Per Year


Number of New Call Center Agents
Per Year


Call Center Agent Onboarding Time
(in weeks)


Ongoing Training
(Days Per Year)


Current Error Rate


Return on Investment Summary

Improvement to Employee Access to Knowledge


Onboarding Training Improvements for Agents


Ongoing Training Improvement


Call Center Error Rate Improvement




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ge healthcare
“ The true success of our Lighthouse implementation is not about agents reaching AHT goals more quickly or lower error rate numbers announced on a bulletin board; it is about how those numbers impact our customers and their patients. “

Burg Hughes |
Senior Manager, Call Center Operations, GE Healthcare


“ KMS Lighthouse has dramatically reduced our call center operational costs and agents’ training time ”


Balachander Swaminathan |
Program Manager, DHL

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How Does our ROI Calculator Work?

Please note that this calculator includes conservative numbers meaning that your organization could achieve much higher return on investment than the calculator shows.

Typically, this can range from 30 – 70%. In this calculator we use the average 50% improvement.


Learn how the Lighthouse solution helped Orange cut agent training by 50%, reduced overall call duration, and reduced average hold times.


Organizations improve employee access to knowledge through Lighthouse which typically saves employees 2 hour per month.

Employees have access to all the latest knowledge, updates and compliance protocols to reduce ongoing training needs, this is based on a 25% reduction.

With Lighthouse, BGL provides seamless access to the latest knowledge and training and can ensure seamless and improved employee and customer experiences.

Fewer mistakes and repeated calls as agents provide the correct answer first time, the calculation is based on a 25% reduction.


ge healthcare
Learn about how Lighthiuse cut error rates for GE Healthcare’s life saving machinery and shortened training times with work guides in 3 clicks or less

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