3 Tips for Automating Tedious Customer Service Tasks

3 Tips for Automating Tedious Customer Service Tasks

When your business is expanding, customer service can easily become swamped. To remain competitive, you need to maintain a superior, efficient customer service team. Therefore, the automation of tedious tasks can help you stay ahead of the demands of your successful business.

It may seem counterintuitive, but with the right approach, you can implement automation without losing the personal touch. Here are several methods to automate certain service tasks thoughtfully and wisely.

1. Personalize Basic Response Templates

Templates represent one of the most efficient methods of simplifying the customer service process; on the other hand, if they are not done well, they can alienate a customer or customers. Basic templates may be tremendously helpful as a starting point to automation as long as they don’t seem too obviously automated. Use templates to start, then customize the response to a customer’s individual request.

For instance, if your customer inquires about something that is answered in your FAQ, you can send an automated reply. Or, for better customer service, you can send a link pointing to the exact answer to their question in your FAQ section. They will be much more appreciative if the response points them to the exact FAQ with a link to find it. Your efforts to automate customer service should focus on the workflow rather than the customer interactions. Some interactions will continue to need a human touch. However, many things can be automated such as finding an account balance and tracking a package status.

2. Reach out With Automated Reminders
When implemented correctly, agents have immediate access to pertinent background information that facilitates quick resolutions and happier customers. Automation brings the data to the appropriate agent at the right time, which improves productivity. Use automated reminders for follow-ups, to track updates and responses, and categorize conversations by the complexity of the issues involved. These tools keep your agents in the loop and give them the knowledge to appropriately interact with your customers without the need to remember every detail.

3. Integrate Your Data Sources for Easier Reference

Automated technology will improve customer service efficiency when the data sources are brought together for your agents use. With the right applications, your agents can create customer profiles while tracking all inquiries and resolutions, monitoring conversations and tracking histories, and access available resources and other critical documents necessary for problem resolution. By integrating the data into one program, you can improve response times and make sure your agents are providing superior service with knowledgeable, thorough care.

Growing your business is exciting and challenging. Integrating automated processes will add to the excitement and makes addressing the challenges much smoother. With a little planning and attention to details, your customers will notice only the great service your team provides.


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