3 Ways to Get the Most from KMS Lighthouse Integration with Salesforce

March 9, 2020
KMS Lighthouse Integration
Knowledge management (KM) software for call centers can maximize agent productivity, help customers help themselves, and streamline your KM process. KMS Lighthouse integration with Salesforce makes it easier for agents and customers to quickly access articles, FAQs, and community collective wisdom that speaks to their specific needs.

Knowledge-Base Integration with Salesforce

If you want more and better data offering faster, accurate insights, Salesforce knowledge base integration:

  • Automates data management tasks
  • Ensures far more accurate data
  • Provides greater operational visibility
  • Speeds up business workflows

The Salesforce CRM platform lets you drill deep to discover individual customer histories, journeys, and interactions. It also gives you a big-picture view of industry trends so you’ll make more accurate forecasts and predictions.

Getting the Most from Salesforce Integration

Are your teams struggling to access the right customer data? Is measuring customer engagement an inefficient process at best? KMS Lighthouse integration with Salesforce provides you with a 360° customer view. You have instant access to accurate and timely community data.

Here are three ways your organization can use Salesforce to gain a holistic view of customers and tailor your KM services across multiple channels:

Measure Customer Engagement to Drive Customer Success

The two most important KPIs are customer engagement and customer satisfaction. When you get them right, everything else falls in line. If your brand is engaged and customers are satisfied with that engagement, they will frequent your site more often, buy more frequently, and advocate for your brand more than before.

In its third edition of the State of the Connected Customer report, Salesforce uncovered four major customer engagement themes:

  1. AI, connected devices, and other innovative technologies are shifting the digital transformation playbook, with AI playing an increasingly important role.
  2. Customers expect brands to have values that reflect their own.
  3. Extraordinary experiences that transcend traditional transactions are as important to 84% of customers as the products and services they’re buying.
  4. More than ever, customer relationships rely on trust, yet more than half of customers say it’s harder for brands to earn their trust.

It’s easy to see how knowing as much as possible about individual customers can help you build personalized, satisfying experiences. Your customers will feel valued and listened to.

Increase Agent Engagement and Productivity

With more than 80% of employees not engaged or actively disengaged, Salesforce helps you increase employee productivity by connecting employees to the content, apps, and experts they need. And it does it all in one place and makes it accessible from any device.

The value of collaboration is well-recognized at the managerial level, but many current KM processes fall short because organizations are using legacy, on-premise collaboration systems. Conversations are isolated from data and files.

Salesforce CRM can boost worker engagement by eliminating the time wasted on repetitive tasks such as sales tracking, customer service case management, and data analysis. It also improves collaboration, reducing the need for face-to-face meetings.

Predictive and Prescriptive Insights

Every business would love to predict how a marketing campaign will go or which customers are most likely to abandon its brand. Predictive analytics works by using AI, machine learning, data mining, and more to search for patterns in customer information you already have.

When used with Salesforce CRM, predictive analytics tools forecast everything from past customer behaviors to which content should be shown to which customers. By embracing predictive analytics, your business can unlock more of the value hidden in its raw customer data and use the information to “predict” the future.

Knowledge Management Integrations for Salesforce

The future of your business may be mostly unknown but staying ahead of the curve by integrating Salesforce with your KM system positions customer service as an essential component of a broader customer engagement strategy. Customers and agents are given quick, actionable access to the knowledge and expertise they need, when and how they need it.

The result? Satisfied customers and employees boosting your company’s bottom line.

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