7 Tips for Improving Contact Quality

7 Tips for Improving Contact Quality

Improving contact quality between call center agents and customers can significantly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn can result in more business. It’s a win-win scenario for all stakeholders: the customer, the agents, and the business owner.


When you encourage open feedback between managers and agents, you create an atmosphere that highlights positive performances and allows agents to gain insight on how to self-correct errors. Avoiding top-down, one-way communication also gives managers greater insight into the obstacles agents face, giving them opportunities to devise solutions.

Reward Agents for Participation

It may be tempting to focus on fixing the problems; however, rewarding participation and positive performance will provide an incentive for improving contact quality. Rewards can be something other than prizes; coaching and mentoring are rewards as well.

Determine Coaching Opportunities

Metrics provide the quantitative measurements. Synergy sessions, role playing, and refresher courses give managers the opportunity to seek and find additional coaching opportunities.

Contact Benchmarking

Encourage agents to adopt best practices by highlighting successful calls and problem-solving. Even an ordinary call with a quick solution can provide insight to improve contact quality. Encourage consistently successful agents to share their strategies with you and peers on a regular basis. Intentionally schedule time to analyze KPIs and adjust accordingly.

Monitor Consistently

Make the QA process a formalized system that you monitor consistently. Use the tools available to capture call samples and interactions across the entire team of agents in order to make better decisions. In addition, include qualitative information as well such as agent self-analysis performance ratings.

Use Live Whisper with Silent Remote Listening

Instant feedback from live call monitoring can be highly beneficial in identifying emotional elements that empirical data does not identify. Managers can learn from successful customer contacts by monitoring a variety of calls including outstanding agents, not just problematic individuals.

Multichannel QA

Recording calls will certainly offer insight into improving contact quality; however, customer contact comes in many forms, not just phone calls. Every interaction should be analyzed and reviewed. Your real time monitoring and dashboard capabilities play a significant role in providing early red flags.

Having the right tools is crucial to improving contact quality, and these innovative tools include live whisper, VoIP remote listening, and a full suite of reporting and monitoring tools. When combined with time-tested, reliable mentoring, coaching, and communication skills, the interactions between agents and customers will be more efficient and satisfying.


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