Benefits of Knowledge Base for Call Centers

June 17, 2019
Benefits of Knowledge Base for Call Centers
The surest way to tank your call center metrics is to keep a customer on hold for an unreasonable amount of time. They may listen to nice music, but their frustrations will grow. By the time your agent answers the call, the customer may be ready to vent those frustrations even when the agent has the appropriate resolution. It’s worse if your agent does not have access to a knowledge base for call centers to efficiently provide answers when needed.

Call Center Knowledge Management for Happier Customers

You want happy customers, and you want employees to be free from agent abuse. Minimizing the frustrations your customers might experience is a win/win situation. The first step is ensuring that the self-help channels are easy to access and contain high-quality content. This reduces call volume and frees up your agents to address more complex customer issues. A self-help knowledge base is a foundation. Call center knowledge management software is the foundation for your call center agents.

Knowledge base software integrated with your current request tracking software also saves time. Your team uses it to identify the right answers and best practice solutions. It keeps your team up-to-date on changes. Knowledge and speed both play a critical role in producing high customer satisfaction metrics. Customers increasingly demand speedy, accurate information.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review report:

  • 65 percent of customers want a problem solved with the first attempt
  • 62 percent of customers believe that knowledgeable employees are the key for a company to deliver good customer service
  • 50 percent of customers stop patronizing a brand if a problem is not resolved in less than one week

One of the best methods to deliver fast, high-quality service is to use call center knowledge management with a knowledge base for call centers.

Many customer service agents have individual notes kept at their desks. This may save them time when responding to calls, but you have no way to ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date.

The Benefits of a Call Center Knowledge Base

Companies that embrace a knowledge-based approach to high-quality customer service can reap benefits that include:

  • Higher efficiency. Using a call center knowledge base program with accessible processes promotes agent behavior to use and support the knowledge database.
  • Content with better consistency and quality. Call center knowledge management promotes improving the quality content across multiple service channels.
  • Higher customer loyalty and trust. Providing quality information across all your service channels builds customer trust in your company and brand. This improves your customer loyalty.
  • Decreased costs and resources. Call center knowledge base software helps your customers resolve issues without calling in. This lowers call volumes.

These operational improvements have a positive impact on customer satisfaction metrics and your company’s bottom line.

Final Thoughts

Customers always take the center stage for any business in any industry. In today’s global marketplace, you must have an efficient method for continually improving your customer’s experience. You can accomplish part of this with new software and marketing, but a call center knowledge base will help your company achieve much higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. This reduces expenses. Use the best practices for call center knowledge management to deliver superior customer service and greater profitability.

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