The Powerful Benefits of Knowledge Management Software for Field Service Workers

September 3, 2019
The Powerful Benefits of Knowledge Management Software for Field Service Workers
An aging workforce and lack of visibility into the value of services are two of the greatest challenges service organizations face. Fortunately, there is a solution. Companies that embrace field service knowledge management software have reported a 90% increase in quotes-to-conversions. Eighty-six percent have seen a decrease in fuel costs, and over 80% noted an increased number of first-time fixes.

Automation, improved productivity, enhanced job satisfaction, stress reduction, and improved workplace safety are just some of the advantages of adopting knowledge management for field agents. There’s simply no quicker way to diagnose a problem, find the answer, and resolve an issue, all of which are integral to the success of service organizations.

Knowledge Management Software for Field Service

For businesses looking to deliver better services, increase field personnel productivity, and generate more revenue, knowledge management software for field service helps them:

  • Achieve higher sales
  • Efficiently manage work orders
  • Gain a more tech-driven workforce
  • Schedule and dispatch jobs on time

Customer expectations in a fast-moving world are higher than ever and service organizations cannot afford to operate under archaic, time-consuming methods. Developing an on-job knowledge management approach that simplifies knowledge delivery to field service personnel is imperative. It also should deliver relevant service insights and information that benefits all stakeholders.

Advantages of Field Service Management Software

FSM solutions let your organization realize cost-savings targets through:

  • Call center management of task assignment and monitoring
  • Decreased labor costs
  • Reduced corporate reliance on the unique skills of individuals (many of whom are aging out) and suppliers

Intelligent Scheduling

Automating field service management scheduling is one of the most valuable benefits of FSM software. Real-time location tracking, appointment optimization, and other intelligent scheduling efficiencies let you easily and quickly analyze and address things like employee location, job urgency, and canceled jobs. It also enables you to delegate job assignments to the most appropriate technician.

Improved Productivity

Eliminate piles of illegible or incomplete notes, manual receipts, diagrams, and more. Field Service Management software makes it simpler for field workers to input work descriptions, keep track of materials used, log timing, collect signatures, and more. The data is stored in the cloud and easily retrieved anywhere, any time, using any device. Workers spend more time on core tasks and less time on unproductive paperwork.

A Safer Workplace

Innovative FSM solutions encompass employee safety issues. For example, service workers on hazardous sites can use the software to keep management aware of their locations, issue emergency alerts, and override controls to turn off equipment power.

Enhanced Employee Experience

Knowledge management solutions raise employee knowledge and empower them to have a strong impact on customer satisfaction and company brand. It also has two important positive personal effects on the employee, one health-related and one work-related:

  • Implemented correctly, FSM software reduces employee stress levels.
    • When employees are late, stakeholders can immediately see where they are, the estimated time of completion, and when they’ll be on site. The burden of meeting expectations or worrying about notifying management is relieved. And the ripple effect on an employee’s health can be significant, resulting in a better work-life balance, improved health, and better focus.
  • Ongoing training, transparency, and technological support boosts job satisfaction across the employee spectrum.
    • Because the software assigns the best employee to the job in the quickest amount of time, it’s a great performance motivator. As a result, the employee excels at the task at hand. Yes, productivity is improved but perhaps, more importantly, an automated process can have a positive effect on employee morale and job commitment.


Organizations can see an immediate ROI from their investment in field service knowledge management:

  • Decrease in maintenance and IT costs for custom applications
  • Fewer calls to tech support
  • Reduced secondary service visits

Synergy between management and the field service workforce is vital to any organization’s success. Field Service Management solutions can be the driving force behind your company achieving its business goals while increasing employee and customer satisfaction.

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