Best 10 Customer Experience (CX) Podcasts for 2020

best customer experience podcasts

Podcasts are not a new medium but are becoming more popular not only for consumers but for businesses that look to them for informative and educational content. For time-strapped CX professionals, they can be a blessing, filled with incredibly useful information on delivering the ideal CX.

In addition to following some of the field’s top bloggers, we highly recommend tuning in to what we consider some of the best customer experience (CX) podcasts being delivered by the top industry leaders, experts, and influencers. Not only will they help you improve your call center customer experience strategy, but they’re also a lot of fun to listen to.

Best Customer Experience Podcasts for 2020

1) Gartner ThinkCast 

In this series, Gartner deep dives into top strategic technology trends and highlight  trends that will drive significant disruption and opportunity over the next five to 10 years. Hyperautomation, AI Engineering and distributed cloud are among the nine technologies that have significant transformative potential.

2) Crack the Customer Code

With interviews and insights from a wide range of CX experts, this podcast is hosted by Jeannie Walters and Adam Toporek who share more than 25 years of CX experience between them. They focus on teaching business leaders how to deliver an exceptional CX that creates loyal, raving fans—and higher profits.

3) The CX Cast® by Forrester

Whether you’re just getting started with reimagining or are well on your way to launching a new CX strategy, the CX Cast offers interviews and guidance on how to manage your CX approach. With over 20 years of research and analysis experience on relevant CX issues, Forrester has been a leader in the CX revolution. Tune in for their latest key findings.

4) The CX Network

This information podcast examines the relationship between customers and brands covering timely topics like employee engagement, the relationship between customer-centric and employee-centric approaches, and the role digital transformation is playing in redefining CX.

5) CXChronicles

A top-rated customer-focused business podcast, CXChronicles explores CX weekly updates and ideas for accelerating business growth while discussing all things related to CX, customer service, and inside sales.

6) The Human Duct Tape Show

Called the #1 binge-worthy marketing podcast by Inc. Magazine, this entertaining podcast offers real-world straight talk from the godmother of CX, Jeanne Bliss of Customer Bliss. She offers realistic, achievable ideas drawn from interviews with CX leaders around the globe.

7) Voices of Customer Experience

Podcasters like James Dodkins (aka the CX Rockstar), Jeff Toister, and Stacy Sherman explore technological innovations in AI, data science, and behavioral analytics and discusses how they’re revolutionizing the way organizations are delivering memorable experiences to their customers.

8) Improving Customer Experience

ClearAction’s Lynn Hunsaker interviews a diverse field of CX experts, including leaders from Citrix, Adobe, and Intuit. Tune in for guidance on how to build a customer-centric culture that boosts business results.

9) Loyalty 360 Thought Leadership Series

Featuring a collection of videos and interviews, this podcast offers a multimedia look into the customer loyalty industry. It features the industry’s top thought leaders and covers interesting topics like measurability challenges, managing rising customer expectations, and the value of customer journey reconstruction.

10) The Modern Customer

Listen in as CX expert and Forbes contributor Blake Morgan interviews top executives and explores up-to-the-minute topics at the intersection of CX, content creation, and the self-service customer experience.

With CX on track to be the future’s growth engine, taking the time to listen to one or more of these leading podcasts is a great start to helping your organization design worthwhile CX solutions, including how to improve your call center customer experience strategy. If you haven’t yet discovered these terrific CX resources, now’s the time to tune in.


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