GE Healthcare, in Collaboration with KMS Lighthouse, Receives KM World Reality Award

November 12, 2019
GE Healthcare, in Collaboration with KMS Lighthouse, Receives KM World Reality Award
On behalf of its work with KMS Lighthouse, GE Healthcare received the KM Reality Award during the KM World conference held November 4-7, 2019, at the JW Marriott, Washington, D.C. GE Healthcare’s Burg Hughes, Senior Manager, Call Center Operations, and Lynn Westbrook, CSC Process Specialist accepted the award.

KMS Lighthouse supports many of the world’s most cutting-edge healthcare organizations, such as Tel Aviv Medical Center. 

GE Healthcare’s Cares Call Center services 400,000+ calls annually, regarding medical equipment monitored by the FDA. It handles four distinct lines of business and over 25 modalities of medical equipment, ranging from MRIs to patient monitoring systems. Each line of business and modality of equipment has its own set of business rules. An error can literally shut down an emergency room. 

Achieving Call Center Goals With KMS Lighthouse 

In an environment where efficiency and accuracy are a matter of life and death, GE Healthcare determined there had to be a better way to organize and retrieve work instructions. Ultimately, KMS Lighthouse helped GE Healthcare achieve its goals of reducing the error rate to 0.25% and cutting the learning curve in half for all new agents to fully train in 3 months.

The KMS Lighthouse implementation involved a team of GE Healthcare senior leaders, including Rob Reilly, VP, and GM of Healthcare Service for the US and Canada, Jeff Scott, Executive-Service Operations, and Lynn Westbrook, Senior Director Customer Service Centers. Service partner TTEC played a critical role in introducing GE Healthcare to the Lighthouse KMS solution.

While highly regulated processes were tightly maintained, GE Healthcare had an opportunity to standardize its work instructions. The entire process of evaluating and standardizing work instructions allowed the team to develop concise, clear, and standardized procedures – all accessible in 1-3 clicks.

Learning Curve Improvements

New hires are now reaching the goals for QA and AHT in less than 90 days, down from 6 months since the implementation of the Lighthouse KMS system. New agents frequently comment on how easy the GE healthcare KMS is to use, including agents with years of call center experience.

The site director at the Virginia location, who has been in the BPO industry for years recently stated simply, “This is the best knowledge management tool I have ever seen.” 

Yet, the true success of KMS implementation is not about agents reaching AHT goals more quickly or lower error rate numbers announced on a bulletin board. It is about how those numbers impact our customers and their patients. 

More Than Numbers, KMS Improves Patient Service

A reduction in error rate from 1.6% to our recent record low of 0.12% means that 6,000 critical pieces of lifesaving equipment are serviced faster and that nurses and medical technicians spend less time talking to our call center and more time with their patients. Faster and more accurate service from GE Healthcare’s Cares Call Center allows its customers to do their job – saving lives. 

What KMS Lighthouse’s work means to GE Healthcare is that when a dad takes the day off work to accompany his four-year-old daughter for an MRI, that machine is up and running. He does not have to reschedule and spend another week in anguish wondering if his little girl will be okay. It means when someone’s grandfather is undergoing an invasive cardiology procedure, and equipment fails during surgery, no time is lost in correcting the problem and saving that patient.

The results of the KMS show up when a teen on the way to prom crashes in an auto accident, and they can be scanned by a CT at the closest emergency room. This is because the CT has already been repaired and is up and working, saving critical minutes. This means that 6,000+ times every year that equipment is back online faster, and if the patient is your daughter, your grandfather, or your son, there is no metric that can measure how important the KMS is. In moments that matter most, it is the most important KMS implementation ever to take place.

 About KMS Lighthouse 

KMS Lighthouse is a leading provider of cutting-edge knowledge management solutions. Lighthouse enhances every engagement by empowering customers and agents with real-time access to accurate and consistent knowledge to improve customer and employee experience alike. Lighthouse’s powerful patented search functionality dramatically improves engagements across all service and sales channels, including easy integration to enhance existing and future self-service channels. 

Lighthouse has earned a growing global customer base and positive industry and analyst reviews including Gartner’s Cool Vendor List and KMWorld named Lighthouse as a Trend-Setting Product. 

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