How Consistent are Digital Self Service Interactions?

How Consistent are Digital Self Service Interactions

Each interaction followed the same pattern with a sales opportunity question, a request for information about plans and a technical question.

The results may be broken down into 3 key areas:

  • Duration: The interactions lasted a long time: 31 minutes, 24 minutes and 25 minutes respectively as agents searched on the customer website for answers

  • Quality: the questions were answered differently by each agent meaning inconsistency and inaccuracy

  • Redundancy: agents were thinking how to respond and not utilizing any prepared content or reusable answers

The key point to note is that these interactions showed a difference in service level across three employees using the same platform. If the same questions were asked in a retail location or to traditional call center agents how different would that experience be?

Customers are ever more savvy and expecting a consistent service and answer across all channels and every interaction. Organizations need to ensure the tools are in place to help all employees have access to the relevant, accurate information needed to answer all interactions quickly, consistently and correctly.


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