How important is Facebook Messenger for improving customer service?

How important is Facebook Messenger for improving customer service

What Is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is an over-the-top (OTT) messaging app, one of many that millions of consumers use on a daily basis. An OTT messaging app uses a platform for text-based messages much like SMS text messaging. However, OTT messages are delivered using a regular internet connection. Facebook separated Messenger from the primary Facebook social network app after it discovered the potential for considerable value in offering a messaging app independent from social network content sharing. Messenger’s 800 million MUAs represent every demographic.

As organizations have discovered how many of their own customers avidly use the messaging app, they have sought out ways to use the app to connect consumers to live agents to provide another channel for customer service. Now, with natural language understanding technology and robust self-service support tools, companies can deliver efficient self-service support using the Messenger platform.

Messenger Is a Familiar Channel

Facebook Messenger offers an efficient, ubiquitous, and familiar channel for interacting with your customers. Essentially, the learning curve is flat because communicating over Messenger is already so routine for many consumers, who can accomplish a wide array of self-service support options throughout the day:

  • Make appointments
  • Check order status
  • Make purchases
  • Pay bills
  • Respond to marketing promotions
  • Take surveys

With the use of natural language understanding technology, self-service support tools over Messenger deliver a conversational, natural tone to even self-service options. This allows your company to scale via automation while avoiding the robotic tone of chat bots. If conversations become too complex, the system can automatically connect an agent to pick up from where the self-service tool ended. The result is convenient, efficient and seamless customer service that promptly provides the right answer.

With natural language technology and artificial intelligence, your system can route consumer questions directly to answers regardless of whether the answer is located in your own knowledge base or on the Internet. 800 million users are active on Messenger on a monthly basis, across all geographies and demographics. Harness the full potential of Messenger as a channel for a far-reaching, cost-effective channel for supporting, serving and acquiring customers.


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