How to Choose Knowledge Management Integrations for Salesforce

February 26, 2020
Knowledge Management Integrations for Salesforce
The benefits of software synergy are well-documented. Knowledge management integrations for Salesforce use APIs to interpret messages systems exchange while establishing and managing communication between Salesforce and other systems. Which Salesforce integration tool you use depends on how many systems you want to integrate.

Knowledge Management for Salesforce

Salesforce can easily be integrated with other apps your organization uses to operate. Applications from productivity to marketing and collaboration can benefit.

A good knowledge management system makes it easy for customers and agents to quickly find the answers they need:

  • Agency productivity is maximized. Agents can easily preview and share responses over any channel.
  • Agents use a centralized knowledge base to deliver consistent answers. This delivers the information customers need, preferably on the first call, while your organization identifies new articles needed.
  • Salesforce application integration goes far beyond data-in/data-out, uniting data across all apps and devices and bringing various functions to a single interface.
  • The entire knowledge management process is streamlined with a guaranteed accuracy of articles.
  • Website, community, and portal apps, as well as chatbots, let customers help themselves.

Salesforce Knowledge-Base Integration

When you integrate knowledge management with Salesforce’s power CRM, software benefits include leaner and more agile operations, improved agent productivity, and better customer service. Organizations realize in today’s digital-driven world, achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction means they must work to unite knowledge management tools and CRM software.

How does a successful Salesforce and knowledge management integration look?

  • Agents help customers more quickly by having advance knowledge. They already know what steps the customer has taken.
  • Automated article suggestions based on customer feedback helps agents reach solutions faster.
  • Delivery of multiple solutions and/or articles to customer occur with one click.
  • Clicking away from the CRM is eliminated. This lets agents search and navigate articles, view notes, capture, and contribute new knowledge-base articles within the app.
  • Consistent, relevant information is delivered across the board.

The result? Happier customers who become loyal ones.

Easy Integration with Salesforce

Integration is a complex process that involves far more than bringing two datasets together. Fortunately, Salesforce easily lends itself to secure integration. It provides your organization with the insights it needs to improve sales, customer satisfaction, and overall revenue while offering a 360-degree view of your customers.

Companies looking to proactively empower agents to provide consistent, accurate responses to customer queries must embrace this idea: Customer relationship management and knowledge management are no longer entirely different disciplines. Today, they are two key strategic tools sharing the same goal of providing exceptional service to customers.

In a world where customers expect better, faster service with a highly personalized methodology, Salesforce integration with a knowledge base gives organizations the competitive advantage they need to reap immense benefits in terms of advancing the accuracy, speed, and consistency of the service delivery.

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