Innovative Solutions to Customer Support Problems

October 31, 2017
Innovative Solutions to Customer Support Problems
Consumers have numerous ways to complain or report problems, especially with technological advancements and multiple channels to do so. Companies are pressed to find increasingly innovative ways to respond to customers and make them happy.

Social media is at the forefront now as a proactive, responsive channel. But are there other ways to stand out from the competition and wow your customers? Here are a few ideas that others have used with success.

Instant Communication

Amazon took customer service to a new level with the launch of the Kindle Fire HDX. Customers could connect to agents with a mere click of a button. With Mayday, customers can talk with an Amazon rep via video and have problems resolved in seconds. The customer service agent can see the live screen and highlight sections to guide users to the resolution. Can you accomplish something similar? Firefly offers the ability to assist your customers in a similar way. You can co-browse with them or give a tour of the app. A “rep control” feature comes with their basic plan, so you can help navigate links or assist at checkout for your customers.

Use Videos to Answer Questions

Try the personal touch to problem resolution by posting videos to explain how to solve the most common issues. You can even demonstrate your products and let your employees get into the act. You can find several excellent programs that offer tips and guides for interviews as well as recording a workflow. Making videos can be super fun and cost-effective.

Have the CEO Respond to Customers

Of course, the CEO can’t respond to every customer inquiry, but a small percentage could be routed to the C-suite. The impact will be tremendous if the CEO calls personally to respond to a complaint or criticism. In addition, you receive invaluable feedback. You gain credibility by listening patiently to the customers, and a follow-up email that ensures the problem is resolved cements goodwill. Some smaller companies actually publish the CEO’s telephone number on their website. This has some drawbacks since every sales professional will make use of it. However, you could make it work with a separate line and set aside a specific amount of time each week to answer it. You’ll gain invaluable knowledge about how your customers view your company and its products.

Depending on the size of your business, you could use other innovative, fun ways to improve customer service. Some companies send personal thank you notes, others actively seek suggestions for improvements from their customers. Whatever method you adopt, the act of trying new ideas keeps customer service fresh. It will become more about connecting with your customer base rather than simply solving the next complaint.

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