Case Study: KMS lighthouse and TeleTech Partner to Help Clients Increase Net Promoter Scores, Improve Employee Learning

Case Study KMS lighthouse and TeleTech Partner to Help Clients Increase Net Promoter Scores Improve Employee Learning

KMS lighthouse has recently partnered with TeleTech to supply its software platform to improve customer engagement for a large digital, print, and broadcast media customer.

About the Client

A large international media organization with dozens of newspapers, radio, magazines, internet, and mobile offerings.

The Solution

Through the TeleTech and KMS lighthouse partnership, the client’s employees are now able to easily access their internal company and product knowledge data, resulting in a better experience for end customers and for more consistency across the organization. The Lighthouse platform allows the client’s staff to quickly search their internal knowledge and more efficiently answer customer inquiries, leading to more positive customer engagement experiences and reduced call-backs from customers that didn’t get the answers they needed in an initial call. Additionally, the client needed a more robust training and on-boarding environment for their newer employees, and a structured continuous learning process for more seasoned team members. They now leverage these capabilities in the Lighthouse platform.

The Results

Since deploying the program, the client has seen a 25% increase in their net promoter scores due to both having better trained employees, as well as through a better optimized customer experience process and improved workflows from Lighthouse’s software. Employees now have quicker access to their knowledge data, resulting in faster response times, consistency across the company, and quicker customer issue resolutions. In addition, the client has seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of time it takes to train and on-board their staff members as information that would have previously been memorized can now be seamlessly accessed.

Most enterprise companies have difficulty managing their constantly expanding knowledge data. Lighthouse offers a solution that enables customer service representatives to provide clients with the best and most reliable information, thus greatly increasing efficiency. Lighthouse’s innovation and proven experience, in partnership with TeleTech, will provides a leading solution for enterprise clients here in the U.S. and Canada”, said Ben Fitzpatrick, Managing Director for KMS lighthouse in North America.

About KMS lighthouse

With offices in Bellevue, WA, KMS lighthouse provides knowledge management solutions for organizational excellence. Lighthouse structures organizational knowledge, providing employees and end customers with the most relevant and up-to-date information for their needs. Lighthouse serves dozens of enterprise customers worldwide. The company was chosen as one of the 100 most influential KM companies in the world by KMWorld, won the Promise Award from KMWorld magazine, and was previously given Gartner’s ‘Cool Vendor’ award.

About TeleTech

TeleTech is one of the world’s leading providers of strategic consulting, analytics and advanced technologies and services to improve and enhance customer service management in a diversity of organization sizes. The company, founded in 1982 by Kenneth Tuchman, provides services for clients worldwide, including government agencies, telecom providers, logistics, communications and health organizations, and more.


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