KMS Lighthouse Recognized as 2020 KMWorld Trendsetting Product

October 6, 2020
knowledge management
KMS Lighthouse is thrilled to be named a KMWorld Trend-Setting Product of 2020! With more than 25 years of market coverage experience, KMWorld’s popular business and technology publication focuses on document, content, and knowledge management. It is the premier resource for actionable advice and solid direction on solutions and strategies in, amongst other things, knowledge and information management.

Each year the publication recognizes noteworthy solutions that are advancing the capabilities of knowledge management. Compiled by editors, experts, analysts, and users, the list includes products designed to help organizations:

  • Achieve their knowledge management objectives.
  • Initiate digital transformations in varied industries including finance, healthcare, government, hospitality, automotive, retail, telecom, and more.

“It’s more important than ever for organizations and individuals to work well together, while efficiently supporting and communicating with customers and partners,” says Tom Hogan, group publisher at KMWorld. “In today’s decentralized workplace, transforming data into knowledge [to enable] critical decisions creates significant impact.”

As a leading provider of innovative knowledge management solutions, KMS Lighthouse is on a mission to provide organizations with the tools they need to simplify communications, elevate customer and agent experiences, and engage and inspire people. To be acknowledged for its contributions in providing the integrated approaches to capturing, processing, and sharing information companies need is an incredible honor.

Delivering the Best in Knowledge Management Solutions

To deal with the scale and complexity of today’s data, organizations need a simplified way to capture, preserve, and organize institutional knowledge in a measurable format. KMS Lighthouse boosts productivity and efficiency with a powerhouse of digitized knowledge that’s easy to update, collaborate, and share in real-time. It’s easily integrated to third-party solutions including CRM, chatbots, and ticketing. The platform has been adopted by leading global brands such as DHL, GE Healthcare, Orange, and AIG.

KMS Lighthouse advances what’s possible in knowledge management through innovation and continuous evolution. We’re dedicated to helping organizations meet their business goals by transforming information into insight. We know an exceptional customer experience relies on accessing the right answers at the right time. Our solutions make it possible for agents to answer any query, anytime, on any interface.

To learn more about how KMS Lighthouse can help your call center agents speed up calls and avoid inaccuracies, reduce onboarding and training time, and function as a personal assistant to answer on-the-job questions, get in touch with us today.


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