Knowledge Base Software: 3 Must-Have Features

November 16, 2017
Knowledge Base Software 3 Must-Have Features
Your knowledge base is a potent source for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. While the articles contain relevant data to provide exceptional customer service, you may have other types of information to store. In the competitive marketplace, superior customer service and support can be the differentiator between you and your top rival. In addition to data, your knowledge base should include several must-have features to outpace your competitors.

Search Engine

Your knowledge base must have a powerful search engine that enables your customer to access relevant results quickly. A knowledge base is distinct from a search engine. As your knowledge base grows in size, a search engine becomes increasingly critical. You don’t want your customers browsing through dozens, hundreds, or thousands of articles in search of an answer. With the implementation of a powerful search engine, tags, and keywords, your customers will find answers and solutions quickly and easily.

The Option to Comment

While a wealth of relevant articles and other types of documents are helpful to your customers, the ability to comment, share feedback, and discuss critical topics helps them and your business. A knowledge base that includes a comments feed is more likely to add visitors to the loyal client list and keep them returning. An excellent information hub that is well-written, offers relevant information, and supplies accurate answers has the capability to build a community through the comment feed. Not only do your customers have an opportunity to voice their opinion, you receive invaluable insight into your products, services, and customer support tools. You may even discover additional topics to address by letting customers share experiences and problems.

A Question and Answer Section

While visitors may use the comment section to discuss issues, your knowledge base should also have a Q&A section that provides direct answers to direct questions. The ability to ask a question engages your customers in direct communication. In addition, this section enables you to share answers to common or previously asked questions. Providing instructions on how to use the knowledge base is a must. By adding this feature, you can spot trends and resolve potential problems proactively.

These are just three of the most critical features a knowledge base should have, but these are must-haves. A powerful search engine, comment feed, and Q&A will ensure happier, engaged customers. This leads to an expanding customer base and maintains the competitive edge in the always evolving marketplace.

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