Knowledge Base Solutions: The Importance of Scalability

November 14, 2017
Knowledge Base Solutions The Importance of Scalability
Your knowledge base is key to providing excellent resolutions to customers problems or to answer employee queries. It may sound a bit dull, similar to document management; however, your knowledge base contains the ideas, logistics, creativity, administration and much more that ensure an organization runs smoothly.

How you manage that knowledge base during the rapid growth of your business is critical, which means that your knowledge base must be scalable as well as comprehensive.

Technology has revolutionized how we conduct business, and certainly this is true with the knowledge bases we use in the workplace. Not too many years ago, documents were kept in manual files. Now they are stored and compiled on servers or within knowledge management systems that are available to businesses either on-premise or in the cloud.

However, your knowledge base can become just as inefficient as using a manual filing system without the ability to scale. An organization that is expanding in size and crossing borders will need consistent review and updating of the knowledge base in order to maintain its relevance. The vast amount of problems that may need an answer or solution continues to grow with your organization, and your knowledge base must have the capability to grow as well.

What should you look for when considering systems to handle your knowledge base?

Taking into consideration the explosive growth of data in the IoT era, a cloud-based solution may make more sense than an on-premise system. Your expanding knowledge base won’t demand an increasing percentage of your server, and you can add more data as needed. In addition, your data will be more accessible in one centralized knowledge base, and this eliminates the risk of data being lost on mobile devices, PCs or even in stacks of paper on someone’s desk. Simple and easy navigation, organized content areas and shortcuts are also crucial to enable users to locate information much more quickly.

In fact, scalability is the most critical factor to consider when selecting a knowledge base solution. What works for your company now must work seamlessly as your organization changes and grows. The ability to scale should be a top priority. The more data you have, and every organization is literally drowning in data today, the more important it is to manage your knowledge effectively. This is the record of all that your organization needs to achieve its goals, so accessible intellectual property that is well maintained and protected is the foundation for reaching those objectives. You aren’t aiming to remain a small to medium-sized business. Seek out efficient scalability of your knowledge base to remain on track and relevant at all times.

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