Quick Guide to Effective Call Center Etiquette

July 11, 2017
Quick Guide to Effective Call Center Etiquette
Call center representatives are frequently the first point of contact for your customers. In most circumstances, a single negative experience with your call center will be the determining factor that prompts a customer to check out your competition.

Effective call centers work hard to cultivate and nurture a culture of superior customer service, which begins with these five tips for effective telephone etiquette.

Listen Carefully Without Interrupting

Your representatives listen to numerous complaints every day, and fostering an environment that encourages them to listen to the entire problem first is a key objective. If your representative must forward the call to a different department, the next agent will be much better prepared to solve the problem. Careful listening shows your customers they are valued highly.

Ask Prior to Acting

When your call center agents must put a customer on hold or forward to another department, it is crucial to ask the customer first. Your agents can say: “It may take a few minutes to explain the situation before transferring you, so may I put you on hold briefly?” Most people will agree, and asking first gives them a say in the matter.

Have Effective Strategies for Addressing Angry Customers

An angry customer is an opportunity rather than a nuisance. If you can turn the situation around so that they are satisfied, they will be more likely to recommend your business instead of passing around negative word of mouth. While you may have specific phrases to use, your representatives should be prepared to acknowledge the frustration graciously with, for example, “I’m terribly sorry this has happened. Let me see how we can fix this for you.” This is far better than telling the customer to calm down.

Encourage Good Body Language

The customer can’t see your agents, but their body language will come through in their voice. If some work from home and are lying on the couch with a pint of ice cream next to them, he or she will sound uninterested and uncaring. If they are sitting up properly at their desk, they will sound professional and eager to assist.

Keep the Customer Apprised

First call resolution is a key indicator of a call center’s performance. However, the agent may not be able to resolve the problem. Ensure that your representatives keep the customer apprised of each step in the process. Tell the customer what is being done to find the right solution.

Call Center Etiquette

These are essential tips for call center etiquette that will help representatives and management improve the overall customer experience. Keep them at the forefront of your call center culture and you will reap the benefits of happy, satisfied customers.

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