Should Your Business Provide Self-Service Tools?

Should Your Business Provide Self-Service Tools

It may be time for your business to add new options to the conventional, reactive service model. Below we list several reasons why you should embrace a self-service knowledge tool.

Moving to Self Service Customer Service

Adopting a self-service portal as a self-service knowledge tool is a great way to enable your customers to find answers quickly and efficiently without stopping to place a call into a center. A dedicated, reliable portal provides several key benefits for your company, from controlling variable costs to expediting a customer’s query. You will improve your relationship with customers in quantifiable ways.

Empower Customers With a Self-Service Knowledge Tool

Empowering your customers benefits them and your company. They find resolutions, and you discover what their FAQs are. With that information, you develop step-by-step guides, diagrams, or how-to videos with answers. You build upon a growing knowledge base to offer a greater number of relevant answers.

Creating a Self-Service Community

You may want the option to create a user forum that will empower customers to offer peer-to-peer support as they provide answers to each other’s questions. This builds trust in your company, establishes your brand as having value in the community, and could reduce conventional customer service costs.

More Referrals to Your Company

Each time your self-service knowledge tool provides a superior experience, your customer’s opinion is strengthened, which means more likely to recommend your company to family, friends, and coworkers. With a robust, effective self-service knowledge tool, current loyal customers will push referrals to your business. Ensure that your tool is intuitive and user-friendly, and integrate it with other service features such as live chat.

Improve Personalized Customer Service

Your offering can become a great tool for personalizing the customer’s experience. For instance, you can address customers by name every time they use the tool. When you build a comprehensive history of their queries and purchases, you can offer promotions designed to entice them or steer them towards solutions. Your own business intelligence will thrive and improve by adopting a self-service tool.

Embracing a self-service tool can be a highly effective strategy to improve customer experience, customer service, and customer satisfaction. Every interaction a customer has with your business is important, whether it is self service, a live agent, an email, or a visit to a store. The sum of all these interactions will define the relationship your company has with your customers today and into the future.


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