Tele2 has implemented a knowledge management system using KMS Lighthouse in partnership with CROC and DIS Group


As a CROC representative told ComNews, at the moment, more than 13,000 articles have been created in  KMS Lighthouse. The knowledge base is already used by 3,000 agents and analysts at the contact center, as well as 8,000 employees at the store branches.  On a daily basis, Tele2 employees look for answers in KMS Lighthouse more than 50,000 times. CROC worked in partnership with DIS Group on the Tele2 project. Sergey Malinovsky, Head of the Voice Solutions Department at CROC, explains that as corporate information grows, the information becomes more and more difficult to work with. This has led to increasingly large sets of independent corporate systems, as well as “local” folders with important data stored on the desktops of employees. “There is a need for centralized information  knowledge management  for products and services, customers, and business processes to be available online. Knowledge bases are suitable for these purposes,” he says.

The implementation of the solution is now fully completed and all users are connected to the system. However, the system manager will continue to plan additional functionality of the knowledge management system – for example, to integrate the solution with other systems and business processes of the company. In the near future they plan to integrate with the PRM system (a system of maintaining information on store branches). It will automatically update the address data in the articles of the knowledge management system.

“The introduction of the KMS Lighthouse system will allow us to operate more efficiently with large volumes of data and succeed in creating a completely new method for communicating with customers ” says Roman Kananykhin, Director of Sales and Client Service Tele2.

Pavel Likhnitsky, General Director of DIS Group, which represents KMS Lighthouse in Russia,  explains how Lighthouse is integrated with the agent’s internal information systems such as the CRM and WebDealer. These integrations simplify the life of employees.” This allows you to seamlessly switch from one system to another when processing customer requests. This reduces the time needed to find the necessary information and saves time as well for the customer.. By combining KMS Lighthouse with Google and Yandex analytics systems they are now able to  analyze and improve the experience of internal users with a knowledge base. The use of such technologies makes the Tele2 project unique in the Russian market” says Pavel Likhnitsky.

The efficiency of the knowledge management system in Tele2 is supported by the CROC service team. Tele2 receives 24/7 support on  queries related to KMS Lighthouse functionality and prompt answers to any technical question, such as  troubleshooting, software updates, changing settings and more.

Sergey Malinovsky calls KMS Lighthouse a promising product for the Russian market. “Our customer base includes a large variety of industries from  banking, financial, telecom and retail who are planning to introduce this technology in the next two to three years,”.

About Tele2

Tele2 operate in 67 regions, including Moscow and the Moscow region. At the end of 2018, Tele2’s subscriber base amounted to 42.3 million customers. The company has launched high-speed mobile internet in all regions using their own network infrastructure. Tele2 employs more than 7,000 people.


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