The Chatbot Paradox

The Chatbot Paradox

The recent trend and focus in software development companies around the world is chatbots.

Every second company claims to have the most sophisticated chatbot solving all painful issues around customer service and interactions with helpdesks.

Tons of AI technologies are built to support user activity and supply the best answers and interactions imitating human agents.

You can find IBM Watson, Deep Learning, NLP, Machine Learning, Intent and entities discovery technologies in all languages and all variants only to handle this and supply the need, as seen in the examples below:


Huge companies such IBM, Facebook and Google and a numerous set of small companies and start-ups as seen in diagram below.


But enabling chatbots only, is like a car without GPS or an airplane without a pilot.

While looking at these huge investments it seems that one piece is missing: the knowledge itself. The best chatbot and even an incredible human agent can provide nothing valuable if they are missing the correct knowledge data to answer questions. Chatbots can learn what type of information to answer and when but for sure not which piece of accurate knowledge to answer.

The challenge of chatbots is not only to identify the exact request and question but also to make sure that the chatbot is providing the most accurate and formal answer the customer should receive. Simply duplicating what other agents already answered without verifying answers will only increase customer frustration and misinformation .

Only a sophisticated knowledge management platform matches this need with accurate answers. Based on this, the best choice is to augment your bot technology with a powerful knowledge management system, which will answer the questions with richer, more Customer-friendly data.

With Lighthouse’s GetAnswer widget, coupled with Structured Bot Technology, you can make sure that once intent and need were identified correctly by your chatbot, the correct and most accurate answer – certified and unified data will be extracted and displayed to your customers.

With the latest Lighthouse 5.0 release it’s a matter of mere seconds to connect between your current chatbot and the best knowledge management system to get the best valuable answers for your customers’ most complicated questions.

You need only to define your question resource and connect it to the simple Lighthouse API, on-premise or on-cloud instance, and your knowledge is ready to be served – any answer, any place, and any domain.


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