The secrets of Data Streamlining for Successful Customer Experience

The secrets of Data Streamlining for Successful Customer Experience

While other knowledge solutions can help, data streamlining can make this process much easier and produce successful customer experiences.

Add to this the importance of tight security. Your customers need to have a superior online experience, and you want to gain their long-term trust and loyalty by protecting their personal data. How can you use knowledge solutions and data streamlining to improve CX and security? Here are our tips to achieving this balancing act.

1. Simplified Contact Forms

You can elevate the CX by reviewing your contact forms for simplicity. Providing input fields for only the most essential customer information means less typing for your customers. If a security breach happens, you are exposed with fewer customer data points to minimize damage and recover quickly. In addition, customer data may be securely stored during the checkout process. According to PYMNTS, seven percent of all security vulnerabilities come from user error. Streamlining their input process mitigates your risks.

2. Third-Party Payment Solutions

You may find that a third-party payment solution can enhance your overall security. A developer can integrate this knowledge solution into your company apps, offering a payment process with the latest security features. You may also be able to sidestep the need for your customers to input billing and shipping information. Their payments may be attached to a mobile payment service such as Apple Pay or PayPal. These providers offer multiple, often redundant, security layers to mitigate fraud, and they may offer features such as cryptographic keys or two-factor authentication. You gain trust and loyalty with accreditations, security badges, or other authenticity marks.

Depending on your business, you do want to take into account that your own branded shopping cart may make it easier to store billing information, review order histories, and build loyalty programs. You can use features like autofill for streamlining the CX, and use data encryption for an added layer of security against cyberthreats. The CX and online security must be balanced to improve your shopper’s experience while keeping their data safe.

3. Vigorous Testing

This is an efficient method to identify security flaws. This should be done consistently, with extensive testing completed prior to deployment of an app, knowledge solutions, or online checkout solution. Post-deployment, testing should be conducted periodically, especially as new cyberthreats are developed.

Although security considerations may ultimately slow down your online checkout process, you have options for data streamlining that contribute to better security for customer data or simply have no impact on security at all. You can strike the appropriate balance between a great customer experience and the latest security features.


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