Top 12 CX Leaders to Look out for in 2021

March 29, 2021
There’s no shortage of customer experience (CX) thought leaders, so narrowing it down to the “Top 12” proved to be an enormous challenge. The ones we’ve chosen are known for consistently showing others the way forward on evolving customer trends and expectations. These go-to experts get high praise for their willingness to share insights and perspectives on everything from agent training to customer happiness. We think you’ll also find them inspiring and helpful as you work to improve your CX strategies.

12 of Our Favorite Customer Experience Leaders for 2021


Brian Manusama

Considered a brilliant analyst and industry leader with a clear view of the market and its future, Gartner’s Brian Manusama offers great insights into virtual agents, chatbots, CX, and the AI market. As the chair for Gartner’s annual CX summit, he’s committed to helping CX leaders and CEOs learn how new business models and technologies can deliver a seamless CX.

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Steven Van Belleghem

With hisnever-ending supply of market facts and case studies, best-selling author and speaker Steven Van Belleghem takes complex market realities and turns them into easy-to-comprehend principles. He’s helped countless organizations create strategic alignment across teams and functions while changing the way they look at marketing their brands. His popular YouTube channel has over 20,000 subscribers, and his recent video on CX trends for 2021 has had over 200,000 views.

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Jeanne Bliss

Well-known for her funny and captivating delivery, Jeanne Bliss is one of those rare storytellers who impart important messages in an entertaining way. Fondly called the “godmother of CX,” she believes CX begins and ends with treating customers with respect and dignity. Her field-tested and proven practices encourage leaders to take chances and elevate their business practices to achieve growth. A true thought leader, her insights are fresh, innovative, and useful.

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Ian Golding

A respected and influential CX consultant, Ian Golding advises leading organizations on their CX strategies, improvements, measurements, and employee advocacy techniques and solutions. He delivers stories of personalized and differentiated CX experiences that are both informative and captivating while making complicated theories easier to grasp. He’s an expert at helping people understand how CX success is only possible through results that drive long-term, sustainable change.

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Brad Cleveland

Author, speaker, and consultant Brad Cleveland is known worldwide for this expertise in CX. One of today’s top speakers on CX, he uses humor and experience to guide leaders toward lasting solutions. His accessible insights on call center operations have helped shaped how many organizations run their operations today.

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Natalie Calvert

Customer and employee experience strategist Natalie Calvert offers pragmatic and effective programs that increase CX and employee engagement while improving an organization’s bottom line. She shows businesses how to transform their customer service and sales functions into high-performing teams that deliver change across the organization.

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Blake Morgan

A best-selling author, keynote speaker, and CX futurist, Blake Morgan knows the key to an exceptional CX is making customers feel valued. She has a remarkable ability to apply core CX principles to whatever industry she’s covering. Her blog, podcast, and weekly YouTube video series are prized for their valuable and buzz-free insights into what it takes to take a CX strategy to the next level.

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Steve Walker

With his insights on CX and experience management, Steve Walker shows organizations how to improve business results by developing a customer-focused culture, defending their market position, and allocating resources intelligently. The WALKER CEO’s popular podcast, The CX Leader, covers trending topics like the personalized experience, CX in healthcare, and the ROI of CX.

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Kate Leggett

VP and principal analyst at Forrester, Kate Leggett is a seasoned high-tech professional widely respected for her in-depth business knowledge. A leading expert on customer relationship management and customer service strategies, she’s also an accomplished public speaker, frequently sharing her insights at industry events like CRM Evolution. She has written for the Wall Street Journal, KM World, Forbes, and other industry publications.

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Anthony Mullen

An enthusiastic and energetic visionary, Gartner’s research director Anthony Mullen is praised for his ability to draw inspiration from disparate sources to form unique solutions. A leading expert in new market opportunities and personal technologies, he’s well-versed in emerging technologies such as AI, virtual assistant, and bots.

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Shep Hyken

Customer service and experience expert Shep Hyken is a NYT best-selling author and keynote speaker who’s known for his belief that there’s only one statistic that matters: if the customer comes back. The “Chief Amazement Officer” of Shepard Presentations, he works with companies who want to build loyal customer and employee relationships.

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Colin Shaw

Recognized by LinkedIn as a top 150 Business Influencer, Beyond Philosophy’s Colin Shaw is a true thought leader. Willing to push the boundaries of what CX is, his books, podcast, blog posts, webinars, and white papers are go-to sources for improving customer loyalty and the overall CX.

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We hope you find the advice and support from these thought leaders as helpful in making CX your organization’s competitive advantage as we do!

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