Why it is Important to Get Valuable Insights on Feedback in a Call Center

July 11, 2018
Why it is Important to Get Valuable Insights on Feedback in a Call Center
Gathering customer feedback used to be similar to getting feedback on anything. You would spend considerable time and effort researching, drafting, and fact-checking for a presentation, and when you think it’s done and ask a coworker to preview the presentation, she makes observations that never occurred to you.

Sound familiar? This can happen with the products and services your company offers. You build them, understand their features and how to use them, and how you would improve upon them. Yet, your customers may have ideas that you haven’t considered.

That is where knowledge management software for call center feedback becomes a key tool for improving your company’s offerings and making your customers happier.

This is increasingly important as self-service options continue to rise in popularity. According to Harvard Business Review, 81 percent of customers try self-service before contacting a live person.

Knowledge management software for call center feedback provides insight for both product and customer support teams. The process of gathering continuous feedback opens the door to all sort of benefits, such as improving conversion rates, retention, and added value across your entire organization.

Feedback From Customers Everywhere

Knowledge management software enables your support agents to interact online with customers on active channels, and social media comments, chats, emails, and phone calls are all gathered together. By analyzing user suggestions and feedback in a central locale, your agents can work together in one single software solution. You can measure feedback to determine the most popular channels and then work to optimize less productive channels.

Quick Results

Responses from agents and customers appear in real-time with knowledge management software for call center analytics. Agents ensure that support tickets are resolved within an acceptable time frame with automatic notifications and service level agreements. Outstanding tickets delineate all of the agents who have contributed to it with a list of reviews or active responses.

Measure and Improve Performance

Analytics for agent performance, customer surveys, and customer satisfaction rates are reported through customer feedback software. Your agents can review the information to improve the processes that align with your company’s objectives, such as when volume spike’s typically occur to prepare for busier customer service times, or which channels are most efficient for customer interaction.

Extend Your Organization’s Reach

With knowledge management software, you gain additional insight by aligning your applications and systems with the resulting customer feedback. Your support teams can streamline how the feedback is tracked within CRM databases, e-commerce sites, popular collaboration and chat tools, email campaigns, and more. You will help your agents achieve greater potential with time-tracking tools and online productivity tools to give them better insight into their own progress and performance.

Continuously listen to your customers and incorporate their suggestions when it makes sense to do so. They will speak their minds in public and private forums, and this is good.

Customers who don’t voice their suggestions, concerns, or complaints may soon move on to a competitor, and this you surly want to avoid.

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