KMS Lighthouse streamlines Ayalon’s insurance and financial services business




Largest insurance provider

Ayalon is considered one of the six largest insurance and finance groups in Israel (in terms of sales). The company employs 900 people and operates a total of 2,600 agents and agencies.

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“One of the benefits of the system is the ease of use,” says Ayalon’s hotline manager Vered Roth.


Ayalon is one of the six largest groups in Israel providing insurance and financial services. The company employs 900 people and manages a total of 2,600 agents under various agencies. Ayalon’s agents are its primary and central distribution channels. The company’s overriding objective is differentiation through a high level of service to its clients, agents and policyholders, and accordingly invests heavily in this area. 


Ayalon was facing increasing numbers of customers and high growth in recent years. Thus, the service center developed a specific need for a knowledge solution to help streamline its agents’ handling a high volume of inquiries. Historically, call durations were long, oftentimes due to interruptions to consult a GPO or seek an answer from a team member mid-way through the call.


The use of the KMS Lighthouse has led to sweeping improvements in a range of important metrics including a significant reduction in call times and decreased number of interruptions that they previously had for mid-call consultations with the GPO. Because of their success, Ayalon decided to expand the use of KMS Lighthouse to other aspects of the business and share it with other agents.

Lighthouse solutions have also led to a reduction in new hiring times. Due to the fact that information appears at the click of a button, the new employee does not need to learn oral procedures. Thus, Lighthouse has shortened training times and greatly improved the confidence of the new agents in their ability to provide accurate and professional answers.

“ The use of the system is easy and simple, and in fact, after a short training, the delegates use the system.“

Vered Roth

Ayalon hotline manager

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