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The most advanced Healthcare Knowledge Management System of its kind is introduced in Israel’s mental healthcare field


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Enosh – The Israeli Mental Health Association supports people with psychiatric disabilities and their family members. Today Enosh runs more than 60 service centers with over 700 mental health professionals.

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Dr. Hila Hadas, CEO of Enosh, explains the motivation behind the decision to work with KMS Lighthouse: “In a world of digital transformation, it’s crucial to find solutions that suite the people who will use the systems.”


Enosh – The Israeli Mental Health Association was established in 1978 to support people with psychiatric disabilities and their family members. The Association is considered Israel’s largest organization providing mental health rehabilitation services to over 6,000 people who are coping with a mental health issue and over 10,000 of their family members.

Enosh runs more than 60 service centers all across the country, with more than 700 mental health professionals and hundreds of volunteers providing support in the fields of housing and living skills, employment facilitation, social skills training, recreation and family counseling.

Over decades of important community work, the Association has accumulated extensive professional experience and knowledge that is highly valuable in supporting the treatment and rehabilitation of those coping with a mental health illness. In recent years, the Association has begun searching for ways to make this knowledge accessible to its entire staff located in branches across the country in order to increase the efficiency of treatments and reduce the duration of work processes.


The challenge here was retaining the knowledge while shortening processes.

The world of mental health care is complex and includes many verticals, which at Enosh had been dispersed for years among its dozens of branches located throughout the country. As a result, the impressive body of knowledge that had been accumulated was not accessible to all its team members. For instance, a social worker would have had to invest extensive time and efforts in developing a protocol or rehabilitative program for a patient, while all along there was a similar document ready in another branch. Even the organization’s internal phone list was always only partially updated due to the relatively high personnel turnover.

In addition, documents, approvals, work and rehabilitation programs were often saved on local computers and as hard copies in binders, which often resulted in their loss following transition of personnel or physical relocations of certain branches.

Realizing the inadequacy of the organization’s knowledge management processes, the Association’s management set out in search of a Knowledge management in healthcare system that would be able to organize and maintain the knowledge accumulated within the organization over the years, and make it accessible to its entire staff. This, of course, had to be achieved in a convenient and simple manner, which would not require further manpower.


The solution was to provide the possibility of fast and simple data retrieval. To implement their organization’s knowledge management transformation, Enosh’s management chose KMS Lighthouse – Israel’s first of its kind Knowledge management system in mental healthcare, which enables the Association’s team to quickly and intuitively locate information within the organization.



This is achieved, in part, thanks to our GetAnswer technology – a unique KMS patent that allows users to enter the question they are searching for, and quickly obtain relevant search results including preview information on each item. If you know how to search for information on Google, you know how to quickly search and find the required information on the system.

A further advantage of the solution is in its internal forums feature: before the introduction of an organizational Knowledge management system in healthcare, internal correspondences were mostly carried out via WhatsApp, making it difficult for team members to retrieve the information they need, from previous chats.
Since the system’s implementation, the new forums feature keeps all correspondences between team members in a single location, thereby facilitating a discourse based on segments and topics of interest, as well as searching and viewing past content in each forum, and most importantly – fast and easy retrieval of required information.
Elad Bashi, Delivery and Support Manager at KMS lighthouse said: “We have been very pleased to accompany the professional teams of Enosh on the path to creating a unified platform covering all knowledge requirements within the organization. The organization’s crucial work and its goals are very important also for us as a technology developer, and we are pleased to have been given the opportunity to assist, support and perform adjustments where needed so as to execute the project’s goals”.

The result: improved services, provided within a much shorter time frame

Following the introduction of KMS Lighthouse – the advanced organizational knowledge management solution, information that had been scattered among dozens of branches has become accessible to the organization’s hundreds of staff members. The accessibility of information reduces the complexity of work processes and saves valuable work time, as staff members no longer need to recreate documents which already exist.

“We have implemented our organizational Google: thanks to the system’s high search capabilities, the tool has become the go-to solution for our teams when searching and sharing information”, says Tali Yeberbaum Balas – Digital and Information Systems Manager at Enosh.
This smart organizational knowledge management solution allows users to use the system anytime and anywhere, on their computers as well as on their mobile phones, while on the go. Moreover, the ability to easily share and access needed information enriches the professional toolbox available to the therapist, in a way that is also beneficiary for the patient.

Another important advantage of the system is its ability to support the recruitment and training of new staff members, rendering long and expensive orientation days unnecessary.

Moreover, the smooth interface between KMS Lighthouse and other central information systems in the organization saves the need to establish a further system of users’ management and authorizations.

All these advantages assist Enosh’s professional teams to provide patients and family members with better services, leading to enhanced satisfaction, an elevated team spirit within the organization, and noticeably improved time management. Or as summed up by a new manager who recently joined the organization: “I use the system to quickly find all the information I need. How did you ever manage without it?”

“ Enosh's publications and advertising materials often include logos of our partners: government ministries, civil society organizations, contributors, foundations, etc. In the past in order to obtain these logos we had to locate the person working with each specific partner. Now all the logos are easily and quickly accessible in our knowledge management system for anyone who needs them.“

Shai Netta

Head Of Marketing, Enosh

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