Israel Government Office (IGO)

Israel Government Office (“IGO”) deploys Lighthouse to provide easy and quick access to its public services


Increase in citizen's satisfaction


New service offerings made available via Lighthouse capabilities

The IGO website is a crucial meeting point for any information for governmental queries and is a useful information bank for all residents.

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All national government sectors are now providing accurate and consistent information to their citizens.


The IGO is a network that was established by the Israeli government to service the general population. It consists of multiple departments that offer a large number of services and information to its citizens. Departments such as health & welfare, immigration services, housing & construction, culture, sports & tourism, labor & employment and many others, are among the services that are available in all major cities in the country. Their website is a crucial meeting point for any information for governmental queries and a useful information bank for all residents.


The IGO lacked an organized and systematic method for managing the knowledge of government services. The IGO was looking to establish a clear-cut knowledge management system, an easy access platform to learn new work processes and a new methodology on how to manage knowledge at the new call center that was established to support citizens’ queries about multi-pool services given by the government.


As part of the desire and the need to make government information accessible to the general public, the IGO chose to implement KMS Lighthouse within their systems. This was done in partnership with Deloitte KM, who are experts in advising and implementing knowledge management platforms.
It was decided to establish a call center that collects all the information which will be the main entrance door for citizens in need of information on all public services. Following the implementation of Lighthouse, the IGO saw a significant improvement in the following areas:
– Improved the professionalism of IGO’s services
– Increased the level of satisfaction of citizens
– Established reliable services in a wide variety of sectors
– Decreased waiting time by providing knowledge in the fastest and most convenient way 

“ KMS lighthouse has helped the Government Services maintain accuracy and consistency of information conveyed in the various channels to its citizens“

Ido Namir

Deloitte KM

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