Leumi Card's customer centric approach grows stronger with Lighthouse implementation

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Leumi Card is Israel's second largest credit card company. Leumi Card has issued over 1.6 million credit cards, provides clearing services for more than forty thousand merchants, and offers an extensive array of financial services, such as loans, credit solutions and flexible payment options. The company has 1,300 employees and takes pride in it’s customer- always comes- first standpoint, which is expressed through attentive, practical service, and a wide selection of products and services tailored to the customer’s specific profile and needs.

Leumi Card required a Knowledge Management platform that could integrate with different systems and provide fast, accurate access to structured information and gained this with KMS Lighthouse.


In a strategic move to improve customer service, Leumi Card opted to upgrade their entire call center. Leumi Card required a Knowledge Management platform that could integrate with different systems and provide fast, accurate access to structured information. When customers approach a contact center, they expect exceptional service. Long holdups, inaccurate answers, and transfer of calls from one representative to another will frustrate and dissatisfy customers. Over the past decade, Israel’s credit card market has widely broadened. As a result, the market has become much more competitive. Queries must be answered efficiently and swiftly in order to maintain high customer satisfaction and retention rates. Leumi Card’s Contact Center Representatives (CSR’s) were using multiple systems: CRM, KM, Billing, and an internally developed infrastructure that supported these systems. The abundance of systems made it difficult for representatives to swiftly retrieve the precise information that the customer needed.
Leumi Card had to rapidly mitigate several challenges:

• Search result processes were slow and cumbersome and producing too many irrelevant results
• Updating the CSR’s with new information was a long and complex process
• The integration between the various systems did not streamline the entire service process
• Creating and maintaining documentation of knowledge items was complicated


Using KMS lighthouse, Leumi Card rapidly implemented a Lighthouse platform that both integrates with existing systems and streamlines data management and retrieval. Implementing Lighthouse, the following results were achieved:
• Faster and more accurate information retrieval process
• Improved “first call resolutions”
• Rise in customer satisfaction, decrease in number of abandoned calls, and total call duration
• Improved supervisor controls and quality assurance of CSR’s
• Reduction in training resources due to information repository
• Complete supervision of CSR’s activities with Lighthouse's BI Connector

Very quickly we can see that this is an extremely effective tool that helps employees serve customers faster and more efficiently. According to our estimates, the system will fully pay for itself in 14 months
Olga Tsegelnaya |
Head of customer service at VTB

MAX by Leumi Card is Israel's second largest credit card company and has issued over 1.6 million credit cards and employs 1,300 employees.

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