KMS enables Mizrahi Tefahot Bank frontline agents to provide efficient and accurate customer service in real time thereby driving sales opportunities

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increase in customer satisfaction

United Mizrahi Tefahot Bank (UMTB) is one of Israel's largest banks and the largest mortgage provider in the country. It is also the first bank in Israel to offer an innovative banking approach called hybrid banking. The bank operates 120 branches throughout Israel and worldwide, providing a full spectrum of financial products and services. UMTB is a universal bank that offers a complete set of retail, commercial, and investment banking services for both domestic and international customers. In 2005, Mizrahi Bank merged with Tefahot - Israel's leading mortgage bank.

The strategic decision to utilize call centers for improved customer experience and upselling was made possible by the Lighthouse implementation.


UMTB made a strategic decision to use its call centers as a unique tool for leveraging customer experience, up and cross-selling opportunities and agent expertise. However, the bank's complex work procedures and wide range of products posed a real challenge to UMTB's business vision. Due to rapid internal revisions, senior bankers and experienced agents were unable to support and guide frontline agents. As a result, agents failed to provide efficient and accurate service to customers in real time.


UMTB chose Lighthouse, a knowledge management platform that integrates with existing systems and provides streamlined data management and retrieval, as the best solution for its knowledge management challenges. With this innovative solution, customers can call the contact center and get all the information they need. UMTB has achieved the followings after integrating Lighthouse:

• Faster and more accurate information retrieval processes
• Reduced total call duration and average holding times
• Reduced calls, where inaccurate information is delivered
• Smoother shift changes among call center agents during rush hours
• Value innovation via new banking services to customers

Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot is the third-largest bank in Israel. It has around 140 branches. The bank is the largest among Israel's mortgage lenders.

HeadquartersRamat Gan, Israel

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