Orange deploys Lighthouse with existing CRM and empowers agents to reduce hold times and first call resolution for millions of customers

256 million
customers worldwide served
5-10 sec
Lighthouse reduced holding time by

Orange is a large telecommunications operator serving much of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The company provides a range of services to over 256 million customers, including mobile phone services to prepay and post-pay customers, internet, and additional streaming services, such as music and video. Orange serves its customers through multiple support channels including contact centers, retail stores, and service and sales centers worldwide, to provide technical support and general customer care.

The Lighthouse solution helped cut agent training by
50%, reduced overall call duration, and reduced average hold times.


For a company like Orange that operates a significant number of individual locations and contact centers, managing and sharing product data, inventory, pricing, and other related information is an extremely large challenge. Providing this data constantly and accurately to customers makes the challenge even greater. Understanding the importance of a positive and efficient customer service experience, Orange decided to enhance its call center and location-based teams with a knowledge management system that would support call center and sales agents providing them with accurate information at any time during exchanges with customers.


Orange selected KMS Lighthouse’s software to integrate with existing CRM software and agent dashboards and to provide streamlined data management and retrieval. In addition, the Lighthouse solution helped cut agent training by 50%, reduced overall call duration, and reduced average hold times. Through Lighthouse software, Orange’s data in call centers is now entirely connected and synchronized.

After examining several different knowledge solutions, we decided to work with KMS Lighthouse. The Lighthouse team is exremely committed to delivering services at the highest level, with demonstrated implementation expertise and best practices.
Voicu Zavadschi |
Mass Market Customer Care Project Manager, Orange

Orange is a large telecommunications providing a range of mobile phone, internet and streaming services to over 256 million customers.

HeadquartersParis, France

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