Sourasky Medical Center implements KMS Lighthouse
to provide patients with accurate information and an improved patient experience

increase in patient satisfaction
patients treated per year

The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) is one of Israel’s largest and most progressive full-service healthcare treatment and research institutions. The Medical Center treats patients in 170 outpatient clinics and 1,300 hospital beds, it features four main hospitals and holds a staff of over 6,000 employees: physicians, nurses, medical technicians, technologists, therapists, and other clinicians . Since its inception in 1961, the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center has witnessed a steady growth in patient activity. On an annual basis, the Medical Center manages more than 103,000 new hospital admissions, 32,000 surgical procedures, 1,100,000 outpatient clinic visits, 200,000 emergency room visits, and 11,000 deliveries.

The Lighthouse implementation was a success with 40% increase in patient satisfaction.


The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center operates a contact center that handles clients' enquiries and complaints.
Contact center agents are expected to provide accurate information and clear instructions to customers, to improve the patient experience, and provide them with a piece of mind during their visit to the hospital. However, in practice, due to lack of structured information, management and expertise, the hospital's call center activity had become cumbersome and inefficient. Call center agent were unable to provide accurate answers to patients and customers were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the medical center's service.


The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center made a strategic decision to improve customer service and opted to provide knowledge management capabilities to its call center agents.
The Medical Center was interested in implementing a Knowledge Management platform that would integrate with other systems and provide fast access to accurate information during agent-customer interactions.
The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center chose to implement Lighthouse software, which integrates with existing systems and provides streamline data management and retrieval.

The system assists in the training and qualification process of new customer service representatives both in the appointment scheduling center and in the outpatient clinics.
Ami Eini |
Project Manager, Tel Aviv Medical Center

The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is one of Israel’s largest healthcare treatment and research institution. It treats patients in 170 outpatient clinics with a total of 6,000 employees.

HeadquartersTel Aviv, Israel

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