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TechStyle employees trained in one day and able to immediately improve customer experience with easy access to knowledge articles


of employees using Lighthouse to access knowledge articles


hour of training on Lighthouse to onboard the entire company

TechStyle employees ramp up with one hour of training on Lighthouse to easily access knowledge articles and serve customers worldwide.

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TechStyle employees ramp up with one hour of training on Lighthouse to easily access knowledge articles and serve customers worldwide.


TechStyle is a global membership fashion commerce company focused on reimagining the global fashion business. Founded in 2010, TechStyle has over 6 million VIP members. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with over 1500 customer care representatives around the globe. TechStyle’s core values include world class VIP member experiences, employee health and connection and innovative technology. TechStyle Fashion Group’s brands have collaborated with Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland, Maddie Ziegler, Rita Ora, and Normani. 


Prior to onboarding KMS Lighthouse, TechStyle was working with basic search functionality which led to extensive loading times, limited user experiences and a disconnected information repository. Thousands of customer care representatives were accessing silos to assist customers worldwide. With TechStyle’s core value of providing premier customer service, the company knew that it needed a better solution. 


With Lighthouse, TechStyle is able to provide a connected employee experience. The company was able to successfully implement Lighthouse and onboard and train all representatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now employees have fast and easy access to knowledge. There is one source of truth in terms of providing assistance to customers and for employees to understand processes. Thousands of knowledge articles were implemented and are now accessible via Lighthouse. In December 2020,the TechStyle team underwent a one day training and onboarding process. The TechStyle team implemented Lighthouse within two months, during the pandemic, and today 100% of employees use the knowledge base every day. 

“ Training happened in one day for 60 minutes.
This saved us so much time, money and resources.
Now we have a platform that our team actually knows how to navigate. 2021 is all about demonstrating the value that Lighthouse has to offer on a daily basis.”

Chase Labrador

Senior Manager of Communications at TechStyle

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