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Reps AI technology transforms enterprise services to be efficient, accurate and customer centric with our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP). Built on deep intent understanding, Reps AI delivers a 3-tier automation process for improved service: intent smart routing, real-time agent assistance and omnichannel bot. Reps AI saves millions per call center per year by learning from historical free text customer engagements to automate and streamline ticketing, email and chat for employees and customers. The automation enables employees to focus on the more complex tasks and reduces the cost of operations for the recurring, simpler interactions and speeds up customer experience.

Implement Advanced Routing to Drive your SLA Down from 24 Hours to 24 Minutes

Reps AI is an expert in intent analysis from free text to sentiment analysis. This makes it easy to understand the level of urgency and escalations for instance locked out customers, wrong billing issues and more. The technology routes chats and emails to the right agent at the right time with the right context including real time alerts with sentiment analysis.

Cut your cost of service by over 30% with our real-time assistant for reps

Our real-time assistant surfaces the right knowledge and CRM actions based on the context of the chat and email.

Grow Your Automation by 20% Every Quarter with Our Free Text Detector

With free-text analysis Reps AI can detect your next automation potential and help you build an ever-growing chatbot, email bot and social bot on any platform. We partner with Zendesk, Chatter, LivePerson and others to bring you the best AI to maximize automation potential.

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