Knowledge management for smarter customer interactions

Improve every business interaction

Despite the fact that your organization has documentation, your HR, IT, marketing, customer service, or call center members struggle to find answers when they need it. Agent usage of KMS Lighthouse’s AI-powered knowledge solution transforms customer experiences through accurate, timely information across their omnichannel journey.

Enhance the customer experience

The KMS Lighthouse platform meets your customers wherever they are and assists you in responding with on-the-spot accurate answers. 

  • Call center knowledge management system acts as a personal assistant to answer on-the-job questions
  • Self-service AI knowledge-based tools inform customers directly on your company’s website, chat, bot, or virtual assistant, making information accessible, 24/7
  • Branches & stores benefit from comparison tools that search and exhibit product or competitor information side-by-side, plus structured templates and guided decision-trees for streamlined customer interactions
  • Tech support knowledge management solutions shorten training times by 50% and improve resolution rates
  • Virtual assistants can be loaded up with the KMS knowledge base for improved productivity and fast, accurate answers


Engage agents for customer service excellence

Using Lighthouse, agents share feedback on documentation, or deflect support or service tickets ‒ giving customers the right answers exactly when they’re needed on the web, chat, or in-person.

Shorten time to insight
Deflect support tickets
Answer questions before they’re asked
Reach answers without wait or search time
Save on onboarding costs
Cut agent training times in half
KMS Lighthouse engineers combined our proprietary, enterprising technologies and our own machine learning and AI to deliver accurate consistent answers.

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