Knowledge management for a smarter workforce, fast collaboration & informed decisions

Your business success relies on knowledge

The success of your workers translates to your bottom line, so let’s give employees the best knowledge tools, built on KMS Lighthouse’s proprietary AI and machine learning. According to a Gallup survey report, companies that invest in the employee experience are more profitable on a per-employee basis by up to 4.2 times!

Create a knowledge-driven workforce culture

Manage your organizational knowledge to reflect the corporate social structure. Develop a collaborative, smarter workforce by giving employees access to a shared company-wide knowledge solution to facilitate workflow. 

  • Knowledge portal collects and structures all the internal documentation from HR, sales, compliance, finance, and more – saving countless hours in onboarding and training processes
  • Distributed workforce offers on-the-go knowledge management solutions, for professionals in the field to refer to digital procedure guides, simplified step-by-step knowledge templates, digitized manuals, and more
  • Connectors enable you to drop your Lighthouse knowledge base into an existing app or system including your ticketing, chat, CRM, and many, many other applications (including Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshworks, Cisco, LivePerson)


Drive business decisions with knowledge insights

Your company has greater efficiency to make fast business decisions when members of the team are fully informed. With instant answers, a smart workforce will achieve business goals because they will be well-defined via structured knowledge and instantly accessible.

Better workflow for agents
Smarter decision-making
Save time by searching less
Encourage internal collaboration
Boost internal synergies & efficiencies
Foster a learning organization and knowledge-sharing
The KMS Lighthouse team is on a mission to provide groundbreaking knowledge management solutions.

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