Unbeatable service with smart, automated answers

The Lighthouse App, available on the Salesforce AppExchange, deploys instantly for any businesses with the Salesforce application integration.

  • Proactive Search answers questions before they’re asked: knowledge immediately launches simultaneously with an open ticket.
  • Scenarios allow a fast and smooth experience for agents, with options to either use a step-by-step scripted dialogue or an automated decision tree.
  • Structured Content gives knowledge articles broken down into consumable, easy-to-read templates.
  • Authorization Controls assure data privacy and security, determining which users see which Lighthouse content on Salesforce.

Supercharge SFDC with Lighthouse’s integrated knowledge

The Lighthouse App supplies business-critical information in a completely unified knowledge experience. The Lighthouse App uses AI-search capabilities from inside the Salesforce interface. It’s user-friendly and provides only one source of truth for all agents. 

  • Gain complete access to the Salesforce knowledge base integration with KMS Lighthouse just by logging into Salesforce.
  • No training, coding or programming is required to create new structures or decision trees with drag-and-drop via widgets.

Reduce error rates with Lighthouse embedded in Salesforce

Salesforce knowledge management by KMS Lighthouse is a goldmine to agents and service teams of any industry, enhancing all organizations, call centers, bank tellers, shop registries with instantly accessible, accurate information that:

  • Boosts agents’ productivity with automated answers and procedures
  • Reduces dependency on any single agent
  • Improves overall user experience with faster response rates, reduced error rates, shortened call times 
  • GetAnswer, as part of the integrated Lighthouse App, provides an accurate, fast, specific answer to the agent query, based on article data

KMS Lighthouse App on the Salesforse AppExchenge

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