Faster service across every channel

Don’t underestimate the customer frustrations and time spent being redirected to an in-store or on-site location or conducting further investigation on a search browser. Be where your customers are. Lighthouse’s self-service portal empowers users to gain the answers on their own from your company’s searchable FAQs on mobile or web browser.
– Ask!Don’t Search provides answers via a search widget deployable to websites
– Self-Service Portal opens up a knowledge base accessible online on mobile or web

Enhance customer satisfaction

Lighthouse embraces the facts: In today’s world of information, consumers have preferences to inform and educate themselves, find answers to their own questions, and use readily available information online to help them make their own buying decisions. With complete self-service, customers and agents have exactly what they both require for a smooth interaction. Lighthouse’s AI-powered knowledge management technology externalizes your FAQs, service offerings, store and product details, pricing, financial or regulatory knowledge on all channels, delivering accurate content directly to clients efficiently through one single point of truth. Every interaction is improved with Lighthouse.

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We’ll do an assessment of your current knowledge management system and make recommendations for improvement, if needed, whether you choose to work with us or not.

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