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After examining several different knowledge solutions, we decided to work with KMS Lighthouse. The Lighthouse team is extremely committed to delivering services at the highest level, with demonstrated implementation expertise and best practices."
Voicu Zavadschi |
Mass Market Customer Care Project Manager, Orange
KMS lighthouse has dramatically reduced our call center operational costs and agents’ training time."
Balachander Swaminathan |
Program Manager, DHL
In a world of digital transformation, it’s crucial to find solutions that suit the people who will use the systems."
Dr Hilla Hadas |
CEO, Enosh
The solution is exceptional really. The reps get to the information quickly and get the information to the customer."
Jo Hilder |
Project Manager, BGL Group
Lighthouse improves the employee experience and enables a more professional conversation with the customer. It is essentially an internal Google for our organization"
Zvi Baida |
Executive Vice President, Chief Customer Officer at Shufersal, Shufersal

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