Using Lighthouse Knowledge Management to Improve Customer Service

Customer service has continuously proven to be the not-so-secret ingredient for companies to successfully generate new business and retain their existing customer base. We continuously see how the modern day consumer often chooses quality of service over cost.


Enjoy the following benefits while using Lighthouse Knowledge Management System

  • Improvement in agent performance and productivity
  • The ability to provide users with consistent and accurate answers to questions and queries in less than one second
  • The ease of providing agents, customers, and managers on all channels with real-time access to all the information
  • The ease of providing agents, customers, and managers on all channels with real-time access to all the information
  • Reduction in call length and agent error
  • Minimization of employer dependency upon the experience of a specific agent

But here’s the problem:

Call centers and customer service departments are confronted daily with the need to provide customers with information instantly and accurately. They often drown in a sea of information scattered all over which is sometimes inaccurate or out of date.

Today, many businesses are suffering.

In today’s age, as competition continues to grow, many businesses are suffering due to a lack of efficiency when it comes to customer service. Many of these are still using slower paced and outdated methods that don’t allow them to keep up with the rapidly evolving markets.

Lighthouse provides an easy shortcut to overcome these challenges

Companies are now realizing that tackling their core pain points, such as high employee turnover and loss of customer retention, is key to the success of their business. They want to ensure that their customer service is instant, accurate and user-friendly. This goes hand in hand with ensuring that the agents are well informed and can provide consistent and immediate answers to customers. In today’s speedy culture customers like to know that their problems will be solved swiftly and easily should the need arise.

How is it done?

KMS Lighthouse addresses these challenges by providing clarity from within the sea of information within the company database, easing client and agent interactions and reducing calling times.

Let’s get into the details

1. Providing clarity:
GetAnswer, a patented Lighthouse technology platform retrieves any information from the knowledge base in mere seconds, negating the need to search through long documents for a single answer.​

2. Easing agent-customer interaction:
While no question is unimportant, your agents are best used solving issues that customers can’t solve themselves. This results in call centers suffering from lengthy agent calls, hard-to-locate information, and long agent training periods.​

With the self-service aspect of Lighthouse, customers can now easily find the information they are looking for using GetAnswer. Customers can ask a question in natural language on the website, and receive an answer in seconds. This deflects calls to the call center and leads to happy customers who find resolutions without the need of talking to an agent.

3. Reducing calling time:
When an agent or a caller poses a question, Lighthouse enables the agent to simply search for the answer. Lighthouse instantly searches all relevant data and displays for the agent the best answer in a simple and intuitive way. This significantly reduces call length and agent error. It also immediately turns new, untrained agents into “knowledge experts.”

The results

  • Significant increase in customer satisfaction and overall improvement to the customer experience
  • Faster and more accurate information retrieval processes
  • Improved “First Call Resolutions”
  • Reduced total call duration and average holding times
  • Reduced training curve for new agents on procedures, regulations, rates, products, etc.
  • Reduced interactions in which inaccurate information had been provided to consumers

Who exactly is Lighthouse?

KMS Lighthouse’s next-generation knowledge management solution enhances every engagement by empowering providers and end-users with real-time access to accurate and consistent knowledge to improve provider and end-user experience alike. The powerful search functionality dramatically improves engagements across all service and sales channels.

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